How to Understand And Counteract The Stressful Moments Before The Prelims

Undeniably, the IAS aspirants do need to counteract the last minute stress when it comes to face the IAS Prelims. Besides, the Prelims is the qualifying Exam. Thus, in case of failure to qualify the first stage for the CSE, the Union Public Service Commission would not allow a candidate to go ahead with the Mains.

What Makes The Last Moments Before The Prelims Exceptionally Stressful?

As per the human psyche, stress levels do rise during the moments before the Exam. However, the observation applies in one of the most poignant ways when it comes to the Civil Services Exam, Prelims.

Why is it so? Let us find out the reasons.

1. Truth is harder than imagination:

All specifically the IAS aspirants would do well if they are realistic. Throwing a glance at the Prelims results, with the years rolling by, you would realize it for yourself that qualifying the qualifying Exam is no child’s play! These are only a handful of all the candidates who are declared successful when UPSC announces the Prelims result.

Thus, the fear of failure right at the first stage of the CSE does make a great many of the candidates unnerved before the Prelims. Apart from the UPSC syllabus, it is the sharpest of the sharp competition that almost scares the breath out of the candidates to whom joining the Indian Administrative Services is the biggest goal in life. They would like to heave a sigh of relief with a relaxed frame of mind with the most welcome thought that says Mission Accomplished!

2. Previously Failed Attempts Might Affect:

Given the exceptionally tough competition and high standards adopted by the Union Public Service Commission, a number of the IAS aspirants apply for cracking the CSE more than once. It’s understandable that previous failures may and do prove to be detrimental for many of the candidates.

Quite a majority of the candidates find it hard to face the idea of a repeated failure. They continuously fear the very idea of failing to qualify the Prelims.

Ironically, the fear of failure only serves to rob them off their confidence. And it is far from being possible to accomplishing any task in a successful manner by an individual who does not believe in himself, let alone qualifying the Prelims.

Tips to counteract the last Minute Stress before the IAS Prelims

Focusing on the solution rather than the problem is what makes a winner. Here are a few tips that would help you counteract the last minute stress before the CSE Prelims.

1. Revise all that is pertinent to the Prelims:

Apart from helping you to recall most of the details during the Exam, doing so would help you gain a confidence of the kind that will safeguard you from panic during the Exam. And that’s what that counts the most when it comes to face none other than the Prelims for the Civil Service Exam conducted by one of the most competent of the Government bodies called UPSC.

2. Time Management goes a long way:

Doing everything at the 11th hour only serves to be highly detrimental whenever something highly important is to be accomplished. And the same applies in the most forceful manner when we talk of the few moments before the Prelims.

Thus, it is advisable to manage your time in a manner so that you may allow yourself to stay absolutely cool and calm specifically a few hours before the Prelims. Doing so, you would be pleasantly surprised to find yourself facing the Exam with great ease, poise, confidence, and top it all, the right kind of the skill to answer the questions.

3. Focus right from the beginning:

All the candidates who have been preparing for the Prelims right from the start do not have a valid reason to feel unnerved during the last moments before the CSE, Prelims. However, there are many who do panic in spite of attending all the Mock Tests and solving the Test series. Lack of confidence is the major reason responsible for scaring the candidates and robbing them off the skill to answer better during the Exam.

4. Read and understand the questions before you begin to answer:

It is always advisable not to answer impulsively. Being in a hurry to answer usually results in an improper and incomplete understanding of the question.

And it is only logical to say that if you do not understand a question properly, you would not be able to answer the same logically. Needless to say, it would only be detrimental to your performance in the Exam and hence, to the probability of qualifying the Prelims.

5. Strike a balance in between the accuracy and speed:

Being in too much of a hurry to answer the questions would be counter-productive to your score during the Prelims, as already said above. However, paying too much of the focus on understanding the questions and spending more time than what should have been reasonable for the same would not yield any good results either.

Thus, it is advisable that you strike a balance in between the accuracy and speed while you face the Prelims. It will serve to heighten the probability of your qualifying the Exam.

Besides, it’s understandable that you keep your Admit Card etc. ready.

Focus on the Solution and Not the Problem

This is what a good administrator always does! Doing so would serve to add oodles of confidence to your complete personality. If you can do so, you already have victory at your feet provided you have prepared well for the Prelims as well.

When you focus on the solutions, you have already gained the right kind of frame of mind to qualify the Prelims. And doing so will enrich your complete ideology to face the Prelims with great success! You would be delightfully surprised that with a positive thinking you begin to believe in yourself with a far greater success and it being you, nay the success closer to you!

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