The Modern Rules of IAS Coaching

Lakhs of students apply for the UPSC exam every year and all of them wish to clear the exam and get the Public Services job. UPSC examination is the gateway of over a thousand jobs in the administration but due to high competition, many aspirants fail to clear the exam. Here comes the role of IAS coaching centers that plays a vital role in supporting, guiding, and shaping, and polishing the skills of IAS aspirants. 

With time, teaching techniques of the Elite IAS coaching has evolved and shed off the outdated teaching methods to embrace new and more effective training ways.

Elitians are trained for the UPSC examination differently. They get full support from the expert professionals who work hard to teach and clear their doubts. Here below are some of the other modern rules of the IAS coaching which are helping IAS aspirants to clear the UPSC examination. 

#Rule 1: Time management

Unlike the old days where the role of IAS coaching centers was just to teach the chapters of the syllabus, now things work differently for both IAS centers and the candidates. Amazing thing is that IAS institutes are well-aware of the needs of the IAS aspirants. 

Nowadays, IAS institutes are the guarding lights in the life of IAS aspirants as they prepare candidates to be quick and smart with their answers. Without knowing the tricks of time management students would fail to complete the UPSC exam on time. So it becomes important that Time management is being taught in the IAS coaching centers.   

Elite IAS center keeps a regular check on the candidate’s speed of solving the questions and gives them feedback. The coaching is strict with deadlines of the task given to its students.

#Rule 2: Discipline and order

What is an important feature of an IAS topper? Disciple and consistency, in the absence of any of these two, IAS aspirants would fail to succeed. We, in Elite, keep an eye on the candidate’s performance and their consistency through regular tests and class evaluation. The classroom evaluation of the student is graded and put on their performance card. Through this method, teachers, students, and their parents are informed about the growth and progress of the candidate.

IAS coaching makes its students disciplined and ready for the exam. The regular classroom tests, answer evaluation by expert teaching faculty, their feedbacks, and the deadlines for the home-works make students develop a habit of regular study. For clearing a UPSC exam it is important to study for at least 7 hours a day. 

Another important thing is to do an effective and smart study during UPSC preparation. Even if you study for 5 hours every day, it must be good enough to help you crack the UPSC exam with ease. In IAS coaching centers, teachers focus on quality study rather than quantity. So, three hours of lecture by the experts are equivalent to 6 hours of study. 

#Rule 3: Digitalization

It is important to stay updated and connected with the local news and the happenings around the world for an IAS aspirant. So, for that internet access is very important. Elite IAS has a computer lab with many computers which helps students to do their research work. Moreover, the IAS coaching also sends regular emails of test series, samples, notes, GS MCQ questions to its students. 

Any other important information regarding the class timings or UPSC exam forms details, the IAS coaching either emails or sends SMS to each of its students. 

There is also online IAS coaching where the study material, classroom lectures, and test series and samples are the part of the course which a student needs to buy. It is cheaper than the classroom sessions course. 

#Rule 4: Abundant test series and samples

Earlier IAS coaching centers provided limited test series and samples to practice but nowadays, the number of practice sheets has increased. Even for the preparation of the mains exam, you get enough questions to practice and shape your ideas and answers. Later the answers are evaluated by professional teachers and they also leave feedback for the students.

You can practice test series online as well as offline. There’s no limit to the study material, they are plenty. The answers to the online test series can be evaluated the minute you finish answering the question. As soon you locked your answers and press submit you get the answer sheet with correct answers in it. 

The study material of Elite classes is popular amongst the students across India as it includes handwritten notes of IAS toppers, brief topic-vise explanation of each chapter of the Subject, unlimited test series to practice, MCQ questions with answers, and subjective questions and answers. 

#Rule 5: Regular doubt classes

The modern IAS coaching centers have realized that doubt classes are as essential for the student’s growth as our classroom lectures. So keeping this in mind, they have now regular doubt classes at the end of each lecture. Students comfortably ask questions to the experts without any hesitation and experts are glad to help them out.    

There’s no doubt a chance in the teaching technique has helped many students to know their potential and work on that. Elite IAS coaching has always believed in helping the students during the preparation and recruitment process by making them ready to face any challenges. 


To clear the IAS exam is not a big deal if you prepare for the exam smartly with dedication and focus. IAS coaching is there to help you with the preparation of the UPSC exam. There’s no doubt fresher IAS aspirants find difficulty in adapting with the preparation process as well as with the syllabus and study plans. That’s why Best IAS coaching in Delhi are established to help them to conquer their fear and crack, which seems one of the toughest exam in India, the UPSC.     

There’s no word as ‘impossible’ for the students who are truly devoted, dedicated, and focused towards their goals. Elite IAS just helps them to achieve their dream job. 

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