Appearing for any competitive exam can increase your tension level, but the tension reaches a peak when it comes to UPSC. The total number of UPSC examinees every year is an astonishing figure. UPSC is literally one of the toughest competitive exams in India, with a poor success ratio. Naturally, the preparation procedure of UPSC is way different than any other competitive exam. Alike most other government exams in India, the syllabus of UPSC is vast. It’s hard to keep track of all the topics that the syllabuses of UPSC exams include. After years of practice and preparations, you must follow some last minute suggestions for UPSC when you finally appear for the exam.

Nobody appears for such an important exam without sufficient preparations. To crack the prelims and mains of the examination, you have to adapt some specific strategies. You must know that smart work is essential than hard work in terms of cracking such an exam.

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The last-minute strategies that add final touches to your preparation for UPSC 

Revision in the key 

While preparing for UPSC exams, you read many things and come to know about new information every day. Naturally, your brain can’t store every information accurately. Revising repetitively is the only key to remember everything you read. Reading a chapter or notes once and then not revising that properly won’t help you remember your studies. You must revise the chapter at regular intervals to ensure that you remember those chapters accurately.

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Time management and Accuracy 

Answering all the questions within a limited time is the main challenge of any competitive exam. When it comes to UPSC, the question papers are more lengthy, difficult, and confusing. That’s why you must learn to manage time while giving the exam. You should learn the techniques to answer all the questions accurately. Moving on to the next question, if you are finding a question hard to answer, is the only way to succeed. Before appearing for the exam, you must practice answering sample question papers accurately within short periods.

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New Topics Would be hard to digest at the last moment

There is no need to read new topics or chapters in the eleventh hour. If you do so, you won’t be able to digest the new information properly. Rather you are likely to forget the topics that you have read previously. Some candidates panic as they haven’t covered the whole syllabus. In fact, covering all the topics of the UPSC syllabus is nearly impossible. So, you should not attempt to go through the unfinished chapter just before the exam.

Attend as many mock tests as you can 

Mock tests are highly favorable for UPSC candidates as those tests clarify the exam pattern to them. The more mock tests you attend, the clearer conception you retain about the exam. That’s why attending as many mock tests as you can is necessary for getting sure shot success. These are the factors that you should keep in mind before appearing for the UPSC exam. These last-minute tips for UPSC will be beneficial for you in terms of final preparation for UPSC.

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