The Shining Ladies of UPSC 2021

The UPSC Result 2021 was recently released, and a woman named Shruti Sharma took first place. Not only that, but two women, Ankita Agarwal and Gamini Singla, took the second and third spots in the civil services examination 2021, the results of which were announced by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Soon after the results were released, Twitter erupted in celebration of women taking the top spots. “The UPSC final results are now available. Ranks 1–3 is all female. The future belongs to women! “A user tweeted about it. Others shared dialogues from Aamir Khan’s film Dangal, stating, “Maari chhori, see kamm hai ke! (My girls are just like boys.)”

Women Winners in UPSC 2021

  • Shruti Sharma, Ankita Agarwal, and Gamini Singla placed first, second, and third in the UPSC civil services examination 2021, the results of which were recently revealed.
  • These women are role models for women’s empowerment. Their involvement in the event will serve as an encouragement for other women to step out and demonstrate their talent in a variety of disciplines.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated those who passed the civil services exams on Twitter. The Prime Minister also expressed his condolences to individuals who did not pass the examinations.

Statistics of Aspirants creating UPSC 2021

  • According to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), 685 candidates qualified for the exam.
  • According to the Commission, 244 of the successful candidates are from the general category, 73 from the Economically Weaker Sections, 203 from Other Backward Classes, 105 from the Scheduled Castes, and 60 from the Scheduled Tribes.

Pattern of UPSC Exams

The UPSC conducts the civil services examination in three stages each year to select officers for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), and Indian Police Service (IPS), among others.

Shining Ladies of UPSC 2021

  1. Shruti Sharma
  • Shruti Sharma is a dedicated student who recently passed the Union Public Service Commission mains exam 2021 and placed first in the CSE exam. Shruti Sharma, a 23-year-old girl, was among hundreds of students who took the exam and came in first place.
  • She was born in Bijnore and finished her education in Delhi, India. In one of the IAS/UPSC Mock Interviews, she stated that she was a history honours student. She studied for the civil service test at Jamia Millia Islamia’s residential Coaching Academy.
  • Shruti Sharma received 54.56 percent of the marks in the civil services examination 2021, while Ankita Agarwal received 51.85 percent in the famous test held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to pick the country’s public employees.
  • The commission released the results of the examination on Monday, which included 685 candidates (508 men and 177 women).
  • The UPSC holds an annual civil services examination in three parts – preliminary, main, and interview – to choose officers for the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, and Indian Police Service, among others.
  • Shruti Sharma was ranked first in the CSE 2021 this year. As we all know, UPSC is a rigorous exam that is only passed by a select few students. This year, 54 individuals were chosen for the topper’s list, with Shruti Sharma’s name at the top.
  • Sharma, who is originally from Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh, holds a history degree from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, and has passed the UPSC Civil Services exam with History as an optional subject.
  • Ankita Agarwal
Ankita Agarwal
  • Ankita Agrawal stated a desire to work in women’s empowerment and primary healthcare. Now that she is an IAS, she will be able to focus more on development.
  • Ankita Agarwal was placed second after passing the IAS Exam on her third attempt (AIR). She took her first attempt in 2019 (securing the 239th All India Rank) after leaving a corporate employment, and her second attempt in 2020.
  • Ankita is from Kolkata, West Bengal, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University, in 2017. She subsequently spent a year working for Dalberg (a consulting firm), covering countries such as Bangladesh.
  • In 2018, she resigned her well-paying corporate job to study for the UPSC CSE Exam. She has stated a desire to serve at the grassroots level and believes that this is the best opportunity for her to do so.
  • Ankita Agarwal, an Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise) officer from the 2020 batch, is now on probation at Haryana’s National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes, and Narcotics (NACIN).
  • The runner-up is a native of Kolkata. This was her third attempt to pass the exam. She was hired by the IRS on her first try.
  • Ankita’s optional subject was Political Science, and her top two UPSC options were IAS and IPS. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and used to play basketball. Her father is a businessman in Kolkata, West Bengal. Ankita is a strong, independent single woman who appreciates giving back to her country.

Gamini Singla

Gamini Singla
  • Gamini Singla, a 23-year-old Punjab Engineering College (PEC) Chandigarh alumnus, came in third place in the civil services examination 2021.
  • The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) revealed the results on Monday. Gamini Singla, from Anandpur Sahib in Punjab, graduated from PEC in 2019 with a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE).
  • She stated that becoming an IAS official was her childhood aspiration. She was prepared at home starting in 2020 and relied on self-study.
  • “My family, particularly my father, has helped me a lot emotionally and academically,” she added, adding that her father used to read the newspaper for her to save her time.
  • The UPSC Civil Services Examination result 2021 has been released by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).
  • The commission also revealed a list of selected candidates, with Gamini Singla from Himachal Pradesh’s Naina Devi Subdivision coming in third place. Gamini Singla’s parents are both doctors who work in the Naina Devi sub-Primary division’s Health Centers in Toba and Tarsuh.
  • She went on to say that she had improved her fundamentals thanks to Vinod Sharma’s advice, and she thanked him.
  • She went on to say that there are undoubtedly some mistakes one commits when they are unable to pass something, but these flaws can be addressed.

Jagrati Awasthi

  • Jagrati Awasthi, who finished second in UPSC CSE 2020, shared her secret success strategy for reaching the top. The 24-year-old also emerged as the female winner of the Union Public Service Commission’s Civil Services Examination 2020, the results of which were announced on Friday (September 24).
  • Jagrati earned a B.Tech degree from the Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, or MANIT. She began working for Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd(BHEL) after graduating.
  • Jagrati’s childhood ambition was to become a Collector and serve in the field of social welfare. “I wanted to be an engineer at first and started my work as an electrical engineer,” Jagrati explained, “but then I realised I wanted to do something more significant so that I could contribute in small ways to society.” I realised that Civil Services was the best fit for this and decided to pursue it.”
  • She gained an understanding of responsibility, value for money, professionalism, and other concepts while working at BHEL. “Working at BHEL was the biggest motivator for me,” she stated. It provided me the motivation to attain my objectives.”
  • When questioned about the obstacles she had while preparing for the UPSC CSE, Jagrati stated, “Covid 19 and lockdown created an impediment for me, but it did not stop me.” I enrolled in online programmes and continued my CSE preparations.”
  • “Initially, I studied for 8 to 10 hours. Eventually, I increased it to 10 to 12 hours, and approximately two months before the exam, I pushed it to 12 to 14 hours,” Jagrati explained.
  • The lady topper urges aspirants who are also working professionals, “it is a risk to quit a job, but sometimes it is needed to shift total commitment towards preparation, otherwise, it takes longer to succeed.”
  • Jagrati was so determined to pass the exam that abandoning her job became a necessity. Her counsel to all hopefuls was to comprehend the exam’s requirements and question format.
  • According to the UPSC second-rank holder, “I took a month to thoroughly research and comprehend the examination; after that, I just practised and did mock tests while collecting feedback. Work on your flaws.”

Tenzin Chonzom:

Tenzin Chonzom
  • Tenzin Chonzom of Arunachal Pradesh’s Tawang district has passed the Union Public Service Commission’s Civil Service Examination-2021.
  • It’s a proud time for Arunachal because she’s the daughter of the state’s Hydropower Secretary, Sang Phuntsok.
  • Tenzin is placed 584th out of 685 contenders. However, seven other Arunachal students made it to the UPSC finals. Zing Messar, Mukbang Pertin, Imar Ete, Ejoy Ketok, Bullo Manku, Durin Dai, and Sange Tenzin are among them.
  • A girl from Arunachal Pradesh’s rural Tawang area has passed the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) civil services test. Tenzin Chonzom passed the renowned exam with a 584th-place finish.
  • She is the daughter of the secretary of the state’s Hydropower Department, Sang Phuntsok. Seven candidates from the state qualified for the prelims, but only Chonzom advanced to the mains.
  • The examination results were revealed on Monday, with 685 applicants from throughout India deemed successful.
  • Tenzin Chonzom visited Arunachal Pradesh Governor Brig (Retd) Dr BD Mishra at the Raj Bhawan after passing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Service Examination 2021.
  • The Governor complimented Chonzom on her hard work and dedication to her studies, which enabled her to pass the country’s most difficult competitive exams. He stated that her triumph will motivate many more young people in the state to pass the exam.

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