UPSC Cutoff Marks 2022

UPSC Cutoff Marks: Every year, the UPSC holds the Civil Services Exam to select applicants for employment in a variety of services, including the IAS, IPS, IFS, and other associated services. Three levels of qualification must be completed by candidates before being chosen at the end. The UPSC cutoff for each level is announced. The commission then publishes the PDF with the qualified candidates’ roll numbers. Elimination rounds occur after each round. Only those applicants who meet the UPSC cutoff score for Mains will be given the opportunity to compete in the UPSC Mains Exam, and only those candidates who meet the UPSC cutoff score for Mains will be given the opportunity to appear in the Interview.

We will provide you with information on the Prelims and Mains cutoffs from prior years in this page. The prior year’s UPSC cutoff will assist you in structuring your preparation in accordance with the most recent trends in cutoff scores in addition to assisting with the evaluation of mock exams. 

How is the UPSC cutoff calculated?

  • Following the announcement of the final findings, i.e., the interview, the Commission will provide the Civil Services cut off score.
  • Based on variables like the number of candidates who applied, the total number of openings, reservations, and other information, it will produce the IAS cut off score. The IAS Prelims cut off is the minimal score required to be eligible to sit for the Main exam, aspirants should be aware.
  • After the release of the final findings, i.e., the interview, the Commission makes the Civil Services cut off score public.
  • It determines the IAS cut off score depending on a variety of variables, such as the number of candidates who applied, the number of openings published, the amount of reserve required for certain categories of students, etc.
  • Thus, the final candidate to be shortlisted by the commission for that particular stage had the cutoff score. The commission does not choose candidates whose marks fall below the cutoff point.
  • Additionally, only the GS-I paper is taken into account when determining the UPSC cutoff because the GS-II paper is qualifying in nature and is not merit-based.

Significance of Understanding the Trends in UPSC CutOff

  • To be selected for the position, candidates must excel in each of the three stages of the selection process. The screening phase, or Civil Services Preliminary Exam, will be the first step in the selection of the candidates (CSP).
  • Most candidates will be highly interested in the likely cut off scores after taking the preliminary exam.
  • The Main Examination, which will be place in September, is only open to candidates who achieve the UPSC Cut Off Score in the Preliminary.
  • After a year, the UPSC will reveal the IAS cutoff score. Candidates are unsure about whether to begin the Main Exam preparation process before the release of the preliminary results.
  • We therefore present to you the General Studies (Paper-I) predicted UPSC cut off marks, which is exclusively taken into account for merit.
  • To find qualified candidates for the positions of IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, and other Exams, UPSC holds the IAS Exam 2022.
  • The UPSC Prelims Cut off 2022 is eagerly awaited by the applicants who took the exam. The IAS recruitment process has three stages: the preparatory exams, the main exams, and the interview.
  • The minimal passing marks for the various categories are listed here for applicants who took the IAS Examination. Candidates can also look into the variables influencing the UPSC IAS Prelims Cut Off.

Important Information about UPSC or IAS Cut Off

  • Questions about how the UPSC (IAS) Cut Off is determined can be answered by considering the following:
    • Only General Studies I is used to determine the UPSC prelims cut-off scores.
    • The General Studies II or CSAT exam is purely qualifying in nature and does not count toward merit ranking.
    • To qualify for the main exams, applicants must pass the GS II paper with a minimum score of 33%.
    • The UPSC cut-off scores are the scores of the final applicant chosen depending on the availability of positions in a given category.
    • Only after the Civil Services Exam’s final results for that particular year are announced does the UPSC release the cut-off marks for both the Preliminary and Main examinations.
  • With relation to the selection of applicants based on cut off, the UPSC has clarified a few points:
Case NoDescription
Case 1If two candidates score equal aggregate marks in the Civil Services Examination, the Commission resolves the tie by allotting a higher rank to that candidate who secures more marks in compulsory papers, and IAS Interview put together.
Case 2If two candidates score equal also in compulsory papers and UPSC personality tests put together, the candidate who will be senior in age will be allotted a higher rank.
Case 3If two candidates who score equally in both compulsory papers and UPSC CSE Interview; and also, are the same in age; then the candidate who would have secured more marks in only compulsory papers will be allotted a higher rank.

IAS Tie-Breaking Rules

  • In the event that two or more applicants received the same overall score in the Civil Services Exam, the tie will be broken using the guidelines below.
    • The combined marks from the Personality Test and Compulsory Papers will be given a better ranking.
    • The candidate who is older should be placed higher if the scores given above are equal.
    • The applicant who has a higher grade in the required papers will be ranked higher if the first two points are the same.

UPSC Cutoff Marks 2020

The UPSC 2019 cut-off marks are given below. UPSC Prelims cutoff score is in the range of 95-100 for the general category.

UPSC Cut Off – IAS 2019
CategoryUPSC Prelims Cut OffUPSC Mains Cut OffUPSC Final Cut Off

UPSC Cutoff Marks 2020

UPSC Cut Off – IAS Prelims & Mains 2020
CategoryUPSC Cut Off – PrelimsUPSC Cutoff- Mains

UPSC Cutoff Marks 2021

  • The UPSC Prelims 2021 were held on October 10, 2021, and at this point, candidates are concentrating on the UPSC Prelims cutoff.
  • The prelims threshold for 2021 can range from 98 to 101.

UPSC Cutoff Marks 2022

  • On June 5, 2022, the UPSC CSE 2022 Prelims test was held, and on June 23, 2022, the Prelims results were released.
  • The cut-off score for the General Category applicants in the UPSC Prelims 2021 examination was determined to be 87.54. We anticipate the prelims cut-off for UPSC (CSE) IAS 2022 to be between 90 and 95.
  • On June 5, 2022, candidates sat the Civil Services Prelims test. The test was divided into two sections, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
  • The UPSC Prelims Cut Off 2022 – 90-95


UPSC CSE Cut-Off Analysis

  • Students must pass the mains cutoff in order to be chosen for the UPSC CSE Interview round.
  • The UPSC CSE Mains cutoff analysis for the years 2013 to 2021 is displayed in the chart below. Students can read the following article for further information on the cutoff for all the categories:
  • According to the study of the chart below, students can easily pass the Mains cutoff if they perform well in the optional (500 marks), essay (250 marks), and GS4 (250 marks). Students should read UPSC CSE(IAS) Mains Strategy in order to develop a strong strategy for the UPSC CSE Mains.
  • Students must be well informed of the cutoffs in order to pass the UPSC CSE exam on their first try.

UPSC CSE Final Cutoff 2022

The final cutoff is among the most crucial considerations when preparing for the UPSC CSE. The general category final cutoffs for the years 2013 to 2021 are displayed in the graph below. After careful analysis, we can conclude that a final score of 1000 marks will ensure your selection for the UPSC CSE.

UPSC Prelims Cut-off Marks

YearCut-off MarksPercentage
202092.5 /20046.61
202187.5 /20043.77

Trend Analysis of UPSC Interview Marks

·  Prior to 2012, interview scores typically fell between 90 and 245 out of a potential 300. As a result, the interview scores ranged from 30% to 80%, which is a fairly wide range. The interview scores ranged from 55 to 60 percent on average.

· The overall number of available interview marks has been lowered to 275 as of 2013, nevertheless. At this time, grades are given between 45% and 75%. While scores below 45% are not unusual, the UPSC rarely awards scores above 75% for the personality test.

·  However, there is a significant difference between the highest and lowest interview scores given. If the top and bottom marks in the interview differ by 50%, it will account for roughly 140 points, which is already a very small variation to ignore! That distinction is sufficient to both dash many people’s hopes and give others wings!

Mains and ‘Mains and Interview Marks’ in UPSC Civil Services Examination

 YearMains Marks (General Category) Mains Percentage
General Category) 
Mains and Interview marks Mains and Interview Percentage (General Category) 

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