How Correct Is Online Coaching For CSE 2021 Preparations?

Traditionally, those who aspire to sit for the UPSC Civil Exam are dependent on the coaching institutes that are spread across the country’s length and breadth. Quite obvious, most of the candidates have become habituated to the physical classroom format of teaching.

However, since the onset of Covid 19, various forms of lockdown restrictions have been imposed by both the central and state governments to control the pandemic. As a result, educational and coaching institutes are now finding it difficult to continue the traditional classroom teaching system. Based on the recent finding by various research agencies, this teaching format does not seem feasible in the coming days.

As the lockdown restrictions are being gradually lifted, things do seem to be getting back on track. However, there would still be some restrictions like social distancing that will have to be strictly maintained by the institutes. In such a scenario, most candidates would be unviable to avail of proper coaching and quality guidance associated with the traditional classroom format.

As an alternate solution to this crisis and as a substitute of the face to face classroom coaching, the concept of online coaching has come up recently.

Let us take a moment and understand the efficacy of the online format of teaching and training.

Immediately after the corona pandemic, most of the coaching institutes have initiated online teaching. Those that are reputed usually comprise an experienced team of academicians and scholars who have adequate expertise in their respective fields. Such institutes maintain a conducive atmosphere. Such an approach assists in the formal learning and development of the students.

Such institutes have re-defined their guiding principles so that the students can understand the basics of online teaching. After that, they are encouraged to get along with the various activities related to the learning process. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the fundamentals of teaching are well in place, and there is no significant difference because of the online format. Candidates are encouraged to put forward their queries rather than merely accepting the concepts and theories explained to them.

The focus is to help the students develop their skills to apply knowledge and improve their writing skills through online instructions. It helps extend a competitive edge to the students that are essential to get through the civil service examination.

Even though the entire teaching process is done online, the students are provided with a framework for preparing for the exams. They are also given a clear-cut direction and necessary details regarding the specific resources they are supposed to follow. Even though teaching is online, it is possible to stay connected with all the students and help them clear their doubts.

The focus is not only to teach but also to reassure you that there will be unwavering support at all times. There is enough scope in online mentoring to extend cutting edge development and teaching. In many instances, online coaching platforms adopt the hybrid model of online coaching. It involves teaching that is conducted through advanced interactive techniques. There are frequent live streams that make the online module a unique platform. The live lectures are the equivalent of a faculty interacting with the audiences in a classroom.

Advantages / Benefits of Online Teaching Model

In the traditional classroom model, aspirants are required to travel to the IAS coaching institute to attend the classes. However, in the online model, guidance and support are extended to the students in their homes’ safe confine. This safety aspect has become tremendously significant than ever before, especially in the current scenario where the best way out is to travel as less as possible and keep away from people. After all, Covid has changes our lives in multiple ways that were impossible to predict.

It needs to be understood that the learning requirements of the UPSC candidates have not changed at all. The only difference is that since the candidates come from various backgrounds, their coaching approach would vary. Some aspirants must balance work or take care of a college education or look after family life. As a result, they must juggle between various activities, thereby making things a bit difficult.

Also, others are staying in faraway places. It is no less than a nightmare for such candidates to commute to the institute and attend classes physically throughout the week.

There are also students for whom the biggest roadblock happens to societal distractions. As a result, their learning outcome is profoundly thwarted. And it is a common scenario throughout the country. Such students desperately need an alternate means to focus on their studies and fulfill their dream of clear the exams.

Also, some individuals prefer a unique learning pace and style.

The Way Ahead

The online coaching approach extends a unique approach to students, thereby juggling various other priorities and resources and preparing for the UPSC exam.

Considering the various benefits of the online model, all kinds of aspirants ranging from parents, domestic and international students, people with disabilities, and individuals residing in remote or far-flung areas can achieve their goal of taking part in the examinations.

Other than this, for individuals who prefer to maintain a social distance during this pandemic time and prefer preparing from the safety of their home, there is no better option yet than the online route. The flexibility offered by this model is unmatched until at least the time the lockdown is completely dissolved and the offline system resumes.

The most significant advantage happens to be the cost-effectiveness of this model even though it addresses every aspirants’ need. So, this is how the online coaching model is different from the conventional one. Above all, students can easily interact with the coaches as they would do during an ordinary offline session.

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