15 Ways How The Video Lectures Help You Prepare Effectively For The IAS Exam?

IAS Video Lectures: Video lectures help prepare effectively for the IAS Exam in multiple ways. The IAS aspirants usually find preparation for the Exam full of complexities. However, the recent past has seen a number of interesting trends concerning the IAS Exam preparation.  

IAS Video Lectures: How Do The Video Sessions Make It Easier To Prepare For The IAS Exam?

Attending the traditional class room session always takes its toll upon students in several ways. Here are some of the demanding factors:

  • Time needs to be spared for travelling to and back from the regular coaching institution
  • You have to be absolutely attentive to grasp fully what the faculty has been teaching
  • You have to be at your best taking down the notes with accuracy
  • The class room lecture is not going to be repeated again, so you must attend the same in spite of any other preoccupations

15 Advantages Of Watching Videos Over The Traditional Methods Of IAS Exam Preparation

IAS Video Lectures: Watching the Videos repeatedly not only helps you prepare effectively for the IAS Exam, but also scores over attending the regular class room sessions and reading the books in a number of ways. Here is how watching the Videos is preferable over the traditional methods of preparing for the IAS Exam.

1. Availability and Accessibility

Most of the IAS aspirants no longer confine themselves merely to reading the books and surfing the pages of newspapers. The content to be studied for the Civil Services Exam is readily available across the Web. And Internet makes it easily accessible to all.

2. Better Time Management:

Well, you watch and re-watch the Videos without the encumbrance of travelling to and back from the regular class room coaching institution. It helps you save a lot of time. And, as a result, you get a lot more of the time at your disposal to prepare for the IAS Exam than you might have otherwise.

When you get more of the time, you can also devise ways to manage it better. No wonder, you can prepare completing the entire syllabus that has been prescribed by the Union Public Service Commission well within time. It would leave you with sufficient of the time to make revisions also.

And, with good time management skills, you can spare time for making revisions even in between your study schedules as and when required.

3. Maintain Your Own Learning Pace:

IAS Video Lectures: Watching the videos allows you to maintain your learning pace. However, if you attend the regular class room coaching sessions, you would be required to adjust your own speed of learning with the teaching speed of the faculty.

Thus, if a student’s learning speed is fast enough, it is an added advantage. However, not all are so fortunate. So, the regular class room coaching sessions might not be yielding as expected. But, in the case of preparing by means of the Videos, you can watch and re-watch the videos repeatedly till you grasp the entire concept concerning whatever has been taught. Needless to say, you are relieved of the anxiety to match your learning speed with the teaching speed of the faculty.

4. Gain crystal clear understanding of the concepts:

As you can watch the Videos repeatedly to facilitate your own learning speed, it helps you gain crystal clear understanding of all the concepts. Thus, you have a strong foundation to build your knowledge upon further.

And, as you are not under any pressure to speed up your learning to match that of the faculty or take down the notes that should be exactly what has been taught, you learn in a relaxed frame of mind. It further adds up to learn better. And when you learn better, you automatically feel your confidence rising up. And that is definitely going to help you score well in the IAS Exam.

5. Better Focus and Concentration:

You may watch the Videos in the comfort of your home. You are not under pressure to be there in the class room to attend the coaching sessions on the scheduled time.
It saves you the trouble of sparing the time to travel and attend the classes in the regular coaching institution. And what’s more you can preserve the entire energy that might have been wasted in the travel.

With a lot of time at your disposal and a relaxed mind (for you are saved from the fatiguing travel), you of course enjoy the advantages of a greater focus and concentration, apart from studying in the comfort of home, of course.

6. A Great Boon for Those Who Prefer to Self-Study:

Watching the Videos facilitates the preparation for the IAS Exam in various ways and it is a boon specifically for the candidates who prefer self study over attending regular classes. Self-study does have its own advantages. Moreover, apart from studying at your own pace and watching the videos repeatedly, you may opt for your own time to study. Thus, when you opt for self-study, you have all the freedom to adjust your study schedule as per your own requirements! And that is the biggest advantage perhaps for those who make every possible effort to spare some time in order to sit in quietude and indulge their habit of self-study. And by watching the Videos repeatedly, you do the same with a specific purpose of preparing for the IAS Exam! And that’s what you aim at! That is to say, to prepare well, score well and join IAS!

7. It’s a Fresh Breath of Life in Contrast with the Monotonous Book Reading:

Reading the books repeatedly can and does become monotonous for many of the candidates. (And perhaps that explains the need to close the book and opt for a little break of 10 minutes once in a while for most of the students.)

Besides, there are many who feel like falling asleep with the book in front of them. And with a yawn or two escaping after reading almost every page, you are not going to gain much in terms of preparation for none other than the IAS Exam.
Needless to say, if you repeatedly watch the videos rather than reading books, you feel refreshed by the fresh breath of life into the monotonous routine of book reading. Besides, Internet presents you with a tremendous store of knowledge!
There is no dearth of the online resources to prepare for the IAS Exam including the Videos. You may choose as per what suits your requirements concerning the IAS Exam preparation.

8. A Greater Psychological Impact:

As per the human psychology, visuals always tend to score more when compared with the information that has been there in print. And that explains why young people specifically the college students would enjoy watching a movie far better rather than reading a book that they are very likely to turn aside, no sooner than they pick it, for reading is usually perceived of as a highly boring exercise.

And the same applies to watching videos to prepare for the IAS Exam to a great extent. And it is a fact that goes a long way to prepare for any Exam, specifically IAS Exam. Watch the Videos repeatedly and you would feel it yourself.

9. Facilitates a Better Way to Revise:

When you attend the regular class room coaching sessions, you have to keep a provision for the time to make frequent revisions. But preparing by watching the Videos repeatedly helps facilitates a far better way to revise.

Every time you repeat watching the Video, you are revising automatically what you had watched earlier. So, apart from preparing with a greater efficiency (for you are watching the Video rather than boringly reading a book), you are revising as well.

And to top it all, both the activities, i.e., learning well by watching the Video and revising (as you watch repeatedly) go on simultaneously. And don’t you think it’s great both in terms of preparing and revising, as well as managing the time effectively.

10. Cost Effective:

The method of preparing for the IAS Exam by watching the videos is highly cost effective. You may download the Videos online free of cost as most of them are available across the Web without making any payment for them. Moreover, as you may watch the Videos whenever you feel like in the comfort of the home without travelling to and back from a regular coaching institution, you are saved the travel fare. And by preparing for the IAS Exam making use of the Videos online, you are saved from purchasing a pile of the books as well.

Moreover, those who prefer watching the Videos over attending the regular class room coaching sessions would also do well to join an Online IAS Coaching Institution. Apart from gaining all the advantages of preparing for the IAS Exam online as already stated above (and mark it, you would discover many more as you move ahead with the Exam preparation), the online coaching institutions are far more economical if you compare them with their offline counterparts.

11. Enhanced Confidence:

The practice of watching the videos frequently and repeatedly at a stretch of time makes the entire activity of preparing well quite interesting, and hence enjoyable. There is no book reading involved that might have bored you to the extent that you might have fallen asleep.

As human psychology would have it, watching the visuals is always an interesting phenomenon rather than reading any content, be it a book, newspaper or magazine etc. Besides, when you watch a Video, you find it to be more interesting rather than reading a book.

And as truth would have it, interest cultivates greater enthusiasm for any activity. As a result, you feel like continuing ahead with a greater zeal and an un-tired mind.

Moreover, when you have been preparing and revising simultaneously for Video watching allows both as already described earlier, your preparation for the IAS Exam is more likely to maintain a good tempo. As a result, you move ahead with the preparation for the IAS Exam with a greater confidence.

12. Help You fight the Examination Blues:

Examination Blues are always dreaded by most of the candidates. And the same applies with even a greater intensity to the candidates going to face the Civil Services Exam. Not only is the Exam hardest of the hard, the competition is also toughest of the tough.

Besides, to your great dismay, the more you study, the more you discover further to study. And it goes on and on and on. UPSC prescribes the syllabus for the Civil Services Exam that seems to be running endlessly (when it comes to prepare the same) till eternity!

Thus, an IAS aspirant is not very likely to have sufficient time to rest, eat and exercise on time. Moreover, the anxiety and the stress to prepare for and crack none other than the CSE and score high enough to beat the entire competition and be able to join IAS usually do not fail to take its toll upon the candidates.

No wonder, the IAS aspirants suffer from the Examination Blues!

However, if you prepare by means of watching the Videos, you may do so at your own convenience. Again, you may do so while staying at the comfort of your home. And yet again, you are saved from most of the financial worries that you might have had to face if you had opted for a regular class room coaching institution.
And while preparing in the comfort of your home, you may eat, sleep and exercise as per your convenience. And that is a great way to keep the Examination Blues at bay!!

13. Be in Touch With the Kith and kin:

Usually getting enrolled at a regular coaching institution does not leave you with enough time to be in touch with your kith and kin. Besides, the syllabus is too vast. And you are to prepare sincerely.

However, as video watching allows you to prepare for the CSE while staying at home, you can be in touch with your kith and kin. Though you cannot spare much of the time for family and friends, you do not feel isolated either.
It only results in a good emotional health as your morale receives a great boost now and then from the friends and the family.

14. Preparing By Means of the Videos Brings the IAS Exam Preparation Within the Reach of All:

There are many who can’t leave home to visit Delhi and prepare for the IAS Exam by getting enrolled in a coaching institution. Apart from the financial reasons, several other factors may count. Besides, even all the IAS aspirants already living in Delhi do not find it feasible to spare time to attend classes in a regular coaching institution. Quite a number of the candidates do not find it practical to resign from their full time job to do the same. Besides, the aspirants going ahead with the graduation are to attend classes in the college as well. And there are the housewives who cannot leave home every day for 4 or 5 hours to travel to a coaching institution and get back home, apart from attending the classes there.
Thus, preparing for the IAS Exam online watching the Videos brings IAS Exam Preparation within the reach of all as the aspirant does not have to go anywhere and can prepare while staying at home.

15. Abundance of Resources:

IAS Video Lectures: Video watching online brings all the resources across the Web within your reach. And you may study as much as you feel like! However, it is good to keep in mind that you are not to divert from what the syllabus reads.

You might be keenly fond of self study, but if you go ahead with a diversion, i.e., to say, you spend time reading something that is not prescribed by the UPSC syllabus for the CSE, you run the risk of not completing the entire syllabus in time. And remember that you would be required to revise what all you have been studying not once, but repeatedly. So, be selective of what you read keeping the requirements of the syllabus in mind.

Conclusion – IAS Video Lectures

The online Videos certainly help you prepare for the IAS Exam a great deal better than what you may do otherwise. Apart from all the advantages of preparing for the Exam by employing the Videos, you are very likely to discover many more as already said above!

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