A Guide to becoming an IAS officer

What is IAS?

IAS officer: The full form of IAS is (Indian Administrative Service). This is one of the dream jobs for many candidates in our country who want to work in civil services. This service is one of the best services in India, which comes with stunning and difficult careers. It also offers you fame and high income if you can excel in your post. There are many posts in IAS in which you can select the best according to yourself.

Becoming an IAS officer requires a lot of hard work and a perfect coaching institute that can help you to achieve your dream. To search for a decent IAS coaching center for yourself, you can search for; IAS coaching center near me as coaching can explain better ways and will also make all your doubts clear during your preparation. 

Benefits of becoming an IAS officer:

The income

The starting salary of an IAS officer is almost 50000 per month. They are offered a decent amount of salary in the early days of their jobs. Their salary increases with their increase in the years of the service. The highest-paid salary for a senior IAS officer will be almost 250000.

Their accommodation

The IAS officers are provided with a bungalow with no rent cost. The houses are being selected based on their income and seniority. Sometimes their houses can be small according to the residential area provided. Even their bills regarding their electricity usage, gas usage, and phone call payments are free too.

Their holidays and vacations

Not only do they live a lavish life when they are on duty, but they are also full of benefits when they are on their vacations or holidays. The Indian Government also provides them government guest houses or even a bungalow when they are on their vacations. They can also live and have complete advantage of state Bhavan if they are in the capital.

How to become an IAS officer?

The exam taken to become an IAS officer is itself known as the IAS exam. However, these exams are conducted only by UPSC. The UPSC takes many exams for the various fields, but the IAS exam is conducted under Civil Services Exam. There are stages of the exam which you have to clear step by step. The prelims, then the Mains, and after this, the final stage is The IAS interview.

To clear all the steps easily, you should start your preparation in the early days of graduation itself.

You should first select IAS classes near meor you can choose a renowned IAS coaching institute near me that can help you regarding your studies related to IAS exams.

The prelims exams are mostly conducted in June. If you want to crack this prelims exam on your first attempt, then you should work from your second year of graduation so that till the exam day arrives, you can be all set to crack the paper easily than others.

After getting a pass in your first paper, you should concentrate on your Main exam as it would be tougher than you’re your prelim paper. This exam is held between September and October; for this, you should again get some tips and ideas from the IAS institute you have selected. If you think that institute cannot work, then you should quickly select the new IAS institute near me, as it is important for you to crack the main’s paper. 

After qualifying the main’s paper, then comes the interview. For this, you should be thoroughly prepared by yourself from inside. No IAS classes near me can help you to increase your inner confidence. They can only work to make your English speaking and communication skills better. But you are the only one who can help yourself to increase your confidence. For the interview preparation, you get a lot of days to prepare for this test as they are conducted in March and May.

Requirements for becoming an IAS officer:

You require a bachelor’s degree from any renowned university. You will be allowed to give the first paper, which is the prelim’s paper, even if you are in the final year of your bachelor’s degree. But for the main exam, you have to attach your final exam mark sheet as it will work for you as proof that you have passed the bachelor’s degree. 

The minimum age applicable for this exam is 21 years. Every candidate like you who is from the general category has a maximum of 6 attempts to crack the IAS exam, while for the OBC ones; the maximum number of attempts is 9. And for the Schedule caste and Schedule tribe category, they have an unlimited number of attempts till they pass the limit to appear in the IAS exam.

If you too want to become a future IAS office, why waste time, instead get in touch with a IAS coaching centre and avail training.

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