Appearing for UPSC Prelims? Here’s a guide to accelerate you

UPSC prelims: Getting through the UPSC exams can be really hard for any applicant who does not understand the gravity of the preparation levels. One has to pick the right strategy in order to clear the exams successfully. There must be adequate time management and appropriate solving of mock series which can help a person to clear the exams successfully. You have to know about the subjects in an in-depth manner in order to clear these exams with flying colors. Some of the tips can be followed as such. 


You have no other option other than repeatedly revising your subjects. You may have revised them many times but one time extra can never be wrong. The preliminary exams for the year 2020 have been postponed indefinitely and by now maybe you have gone through the subjects very well. However, a thorough understanding of all the topics is very important. It is very crucial to include subjects like current affairs, budget, mapping, and other such issues into the study schedule. This will make sure that you are not lagging behind your peers in the areas which can fetch you most of the marks. 

The preliminary section of the exams and the mains, both will be very essential for the UPSC exams. The preliminary exam will help you to move into the mains which are tougher but with the same syllabus. You must also go through the patterns of each exam which will make sure that you are not surprised during the exams. 

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Scan Internet

You can scan the internet which can help with more than enough resources for your studies. It is very easy to get distracted from the actual course of study when you are surfing on the internet. You have to remain focused and find out correct measures to remain within the scope of your syllabus. You must not stray from what is important and gather all kinds of free resources that are available on the internet. 

The internet will always be filled with information which can turn out to be useful for your exams. You have to keep your eyes open for the event updates and even can update your search engines in order to provide you the details of the recent events. 

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UPSC Prelims: Prepare short notes 

UPSC prelims: You can make sure that you have revised all through your subjects and still have issues with remembering every point or some specific topic. You can make sure that you have made some quick notes which can help you with fast revision techniques. These short notes can help you to go through the topics just before your exam as well. You can even make out your own short cut methods which can help you to remember your syllabus and its contents easily. It is also quite important that you develop your own notes. You can try to make these notes on your own without trying to copy it from any of the printed sources. It has been found out that any of the methods which you develop on your own in order to remember something can prove to be more helpful than the others. If you find a method which is developed by you completely, it can help you to remember your subject better. 

UPSC Prelims: Practice

There is no other alternative other than practicing regularly for your exams. This is the best way in which you can prepare yourself for your exams before you finally appear for it. It can be done at home when you are at the initial stages of your preparation. You can make sure that you have the entire syllabus at your grasp before trying to attempt any of the mock tests even by yourself. You will need to complete your syllabus and fix up the time which is entailed for the actual exam. After putting in the timer you can start writing your test. After ending it in time, you can go through the answers in the answer key and check your progress in the test on a daily basis. 

You can take up another measure if you are not comfortable taking tests on your own. You can make sure that you are enlisted in any of the websites with the aid of regular registration procedures. Once you are enlisted in any of these websites, you can make sure that you will be appearing for the mock tests on time and you can also measure up your position against the ones you have to compete in the final exams. This is one of the best methods as it can help you to understand your position in respect to your peers. 

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Keep safe 

UPSC prelims: With the pandemic raging all over the country, you have to make sure that you are safe and healthy for your exams. You must take enough precautions which will make sure that you are safe and healthy for your exams. You must try to adapt to a better diet before your exams which will make sure that you have a strong immunity before your exams. You must also try to get some of the physical exercises which can keep you healthy and strong before your exams. A healthy kind can be promoted with a healthy body. You have to remain fit in order to take such an important exam in your lifetime. 

In the present situation, you have to make sure that you maintain the norms of social distancing in order to keep yourself free from the infection. This is for the benefit of your family and loved ones as well. 

Thus, these are some of the methods which you can try if you are looking to clear your UPSC exams this year. You have still got time to get some extra preparations. You must try to go through each of your topics very thoroughly so that you do not miss any part of the syllabus. Keep the current affairs at the tip of your fingers and make sure that you always have the important events cleared in your mind. Have a healthy schedule and no one can stop you from clearing your exams this year. 

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