CSK Full Form: CSK stands for Chennai Super Kings, it is also known as the Yellow Army. CSK is known to be one of the fan favourite teams of IPL. CSK is led by MS Dhoni with fellow players like Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja and many others. 

CSK is known to be a tough competition for other teams in the IPL tournament and is the team with the most winning titles. CSK franchise is based in Tamil Nadu, it plays all the games at the MS Chidambaram Stadium located in Chennai. Apart from being a constant winner at IPL, CSK is believed to have appeared a maximum number of times in the finals and semi-finals alongside the other IPL team. 

About CSK:

The name CSK was given to the team to honour the rulers of the Tamil Empire. The word Super is generally used in South India most specifically in Tamil Nadu. Apart from this, the name also derives from the brand India Cements- Coromandel King.

The logo of CSK has a roaring lion that is in orange colour with the name of the team highlighted in blue colour. The significance of the logo resembles qualities such as youth, solid performance, vibrancy and fiery spirit. The colour of the t-shirt is usually yellow and blue in colour with orange stripes on both sides of the jersey. 

IPLS started in the year 2008, the first two tournaments were good for the CSK team although they did not win the whole team showed good potential. They had excellent players in the team which made them very strong rivals. 

In the year 2010, CSK won their maiden IPL title under the leadership of MS Dhoni. In the same year, CSK also won the CLT20 championship. 

Next year, with MS Dhoni as a captain Indian Team won the world cup, as well as CSK, won the IPL title. Dhoni was at the peak in his career at that time, but after that, in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 they performed well but did not win any title. 

Like any other group, CSK was also involved in some controversies; there was a major downfall of the franchise as some members of the board were involved in unwanted activities. Because of this, the whole team was in shock and were also banned for two years from playing IPL.

Following this, the CSK players were bought by other teams and the whole CSK team was disintegrated. Fans were very saddened and disheartened due to this disintegration of the team. But in the year 2018, CSK made a very good comeback in the IPL tournament. All the players were happy to be back in the same team and they placed the match with all their strength and won the IPL title of 2018.

CSK Position: CSK Full Form

Here is the performance and journey of CSK year by year in the IPL 

12008Runners Up
52012Runners Up
62013Runners Up
82015Runners Up
122019Runners Up
132020League Stage

Administration and support staff

OwnerN. Srinivasan
CEOKasinath Viswanathan
Team managerRussell Radhakrishnan
ConsultantSundar Raman
Head coach Stephen Fleming
Batting coach Michael Hussey
Bowling coach Lakshmipathy Balaji
Fielding coach Rajiv Kumar
Physio Tommy Simsek
Physical trainer Greg Kin
Team doctor Dr Madhu Thottappillil

Overall score in the Champions League T20 competition:

Mentioned below is the scoring of CSK in the overall matches played in IPL. This tabular form will give an idea about the performance of the Chennai Super Kings team. 

YearMatchesWonLostNRWin %Summary
2011422050%Group stage
2012422050%Group stage
2013532060%Semi finalists

FAQ: CSK Full Form

Question 1. Who is the owner of the CSK team?

Answer: the owner of the CSK team is N. Srinivasan. In 2020 the team was sold to India Cements for $91 million, this made the CSK teams the most expensive team in the league. India Cements got the rights to franchise CSK for 10 years. 

Question 2. Who is the captain of CSK?

Answer: Since the start, CSK had only one captain- MS Dhoni.

Question 3. Why was CSK suspended for two years?

Answer: The owners of the CSK team were involved in the betting case hence they were suspended for two full years. 

Question 4. How many IPL tournaments did CSK win to date?

Answer: Chennai Super Kings have won the IPL tournaments 4 times- 2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021. They have the highest winning percentage of matches among all the IPL teams. 

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