CBSE Full form: In the year 1929, the government of India founded a board named “Board of High School and Intermediate Education” it was in Rajputana, Central India. It was renamed as Central Board of Secondary Education in the year 1952 by the Indian government.

Objectives of CBSE:

  • The objective of CBSE is to design the academics in such a way that the students are kept in a stress-free environment during their academic year.
  • The quality of the academic knowledge is not compromised in designing this method in fact students will be more focused o their academic achievement.
  • The plan of action is based in alignment with the national goals.
  • Along with students, the teachers are also given training on improving their professional competencies. 
  • One of the main objectives of CBSE is to suggest examination condition, type and pattern for the 10th and 12th grades.
  • To modify and upgrade the examination guidelines and instructions.
  • They will also work on recognising and affiliating all those institutions and schools that meet CBSE criteria.
  • CBSE board has been known to increase the children’s thinking capacity and performance in such a manner that they will excel in any field. 

Eligibility criteria to attend CBSE exam:

CBSE Full form: The examination for the 10th class of CBSE is known as AISSE and the exam of 12th is called AISSCE. Students who have studied from institutions affiliated with CBSE are allowed to give the exams. There is no restriction of religion, casts, economic status, gender, etc for attempting the SCBE exam.

CBSE also conducts National Eligibility Test also known as NET for recruiting teachers. The eligibility criteria for NET are the candidate must complete their Master’s with 55% marks. The other important point to mention here is that the candidate must study from a university that is recognised by UGC. 


  • Every year the CBSE board conducts final exams for 10th and 12th class students.
  • AIEEE is a competitive exam conducted by CBSE, it is required for getting admission in undergraduate courses in Architecture and Engineering all over India.
  • CBSE is also known to conduct the annual NEET test, it is a competitive entrance test for Medical colleges of India.
  • For the recruitment of the teachers, CBSE holds CTET every year. Teachers must pass this test to get selected for the central educational school.
  • Not only teachers, but CBSE also recruits professors for different colleges all across India. For this, they conduct a NET examination every year. 

Advantages of CBSE:

  • If we compare CBSE with other Indian boards, the curriculum is easy to understand, straightforward and lighter for students
  • There are more schools that are affiliated with CBSE than any other board in India; this will make changing schools easy for parents. When there is a job transfer of any one of the parents, they can even change the state without affecting the academics of the children.
  • The competitive exams in India are based on the CBSE syllabus mainly for the undergraduate level.
  • The syllabus of CBSE is planned in such a way that the students are made to practise co-curricular activities in the school. 
  • For giving more social exposure to the children, they conduct unlimited campaigns and events covering all their students.
  • Practically speaking, the English proficiency of CBSE students is far better than any other state board. 
  • CBSE students are more independent in handling their activities.
  • They are given excellent training which will shape their mentality and personality to do good in future endeavours. 

Some interesting facts about CBSE:

  • There are more than 140 schools affiliated to the CBSE board across 21 countries.
  • Even though CBSE was established by the government of India, it is not financed by any organization. It is self-financed for all the expenditures and costs.
  • CBSE is considered the largest exam conducting body across the world.
  • A recent survey showed that more than 12 lakh students appeared for the 12th board exam while more than 18 lakh students appeared for the 10th board in India. 
  • CBSC supports the regular students as well the private students for appearing for the examinations hence facilitating every child to learn and excel in future.
  • There are no multiple exam papers in the CBSE board. They follow only one paper concept per subject. This will ensure students will have stress free preparation time and exams. 
  • The study materials for CBSE are readily available in the market. The teachers are experts in their domain, explaining even the complex topics in simpler terms for better understanding. 

When deciding the future of children, parents often get confused about choosing the right board. Doing a proper analysis of advantages and scopes will be helpful in deciding the right board for the children. 

FAQs: CBSE Full form

Q1. What is the full form of CBSE?

Answer. CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education; it is a national level board of India which runs for both public and private schools. 

Q2. What are the criteria for passing exams in CBSE?

Answer. Students must score a minimum of 33% marks in all the 5 subjects provided these marks are separate for practical and theory. 

Q3. Does the CBSE board give a merit certificate upon passing the exam?

Answer. Yes, if the student clears the exam covering all the criteria then he will be given a merit certificate for passing his 12th class. This certificate will be recognised everywhere in the world. 

Q4. Which board is considered the largest exam conducting board?

Answer. CBSE is by far the largest exam conducting body not only in India but all over the world. Many parents consider choosing the CBSE board for their children as it provides extended skills and knowledge to the children. 

Q5. Which board conducts the NET test?

Answer. The NET test is conducted by CBSE for recruiting teachers. NET stands for National Eligibility Test, to select the best-experienced teachers for CBSE affiliated institutions. This test is conducted every year for teachers from all across the country. 

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