HOD Full Form: HOD stands for Head of a Department, in India and many countries use HOD to represent a particular head for a specific department. The responsibility of a HOD is to manage and take care of the particular department properly. 


In India most of the HODs are in engineering colleges, there is a different HOD for a different department in engineering college. For example, mechanical engineering has one HOD whereas the computer science department has another HOD. Likewise, every branch of engineering has one specific HOD to manage and run that particular branch.

Apart from managing the department, HODs also take up special classes for important subjects and topics. This responsibility is given only to HOD because of their experience and teaching style. 

The HOD will make sure that the functions are running smoothly and properly, he will be responsible for any problem occurring in that particular department. Managing students to managing teachers and staff takes a lot of effort and energy. Hence only experienced candidates are selected for the post of HOD.

If the HOD has good knowledge about people management then it will be easy for him to run the department with ease and accuracy. But if an inexperienced candidate is appointed for the post of HOD then he will have to face obstacles and work hard for people management. 

If the department does well in their exams then partial credit will also go to their HOD. The minimum experience required for any candidate to apply for the post of HOD is 10-15 years of on-site experience in that particular department. 

Interesting Facts:
An IAS officer becomes the Head of Department (HOD) in various government departments throughout their career. They are exposed to most diverse job opportunities. They may be HOD in departments and ministries for example finance, health, education, agriculture, transportation, environment, rural development, and many others.
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Roles and responsibilities in detail:

  • HOD takes responsibility for all the academic affairs of his department for the entire year.
  • Looks into daily activities of students and teachers, he also ensures that his non-teaching staffs is working properly.
  • HOD will have to report to the Director in case of any filing and reporting. In case of journals, books, equipment, maintenance, etc he will have to submit a report in writing to the Director of the institution for approval. 

· Whenever there are guest lectures, seminars and workshops, HOD will take care of all the arrangements and management. 

  • HOD is responsible for students Proctor’s system.
  • HOD will take initiative on doing collaborate with other institutions, universities and industries.
  • He will encourage all the students and faculty members to do research projects for their own good.
  • Every institution has on-site and off-site practical and theory classes, the HOD will arrange for those visits for students and teachers.
  • The HOD will be the point of contact for any issue related to his department.
  • HOD will play a major role in recruiting teachers, professors and other faculty members into his department. 
  • HOD will also design the curriculum for the entire academic year. 

FAQs: HOD Full Form

Q1.  What is the minimum experience required to apply for the HOD post?

A1. The aspirant who is willing to work the HOD must have at least 10-15 years of experience in the applied department. 

Q2. How many HODs can one department have?

A2. There will be only one HOD for one particular department. Every branch has its own HOD.

Q3.  Who will the HOD report to?

A3. HOD will report to the Director of the college, he will have to take permission from the Director for high-end queries. 

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