Daily Answer Writing for UPSC –25th August 2023


Discuss the significance and achievements of India’s Chandrayaan missions, with a focus on Chandrayaan 3. (150 WORDS)

GS 3 Space


The Chandrayaan missions, launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), represent India’s ambitious endeavors to explore the Moon and advance scientific understanding of Earth’s natural satellite. These missions have not only showcased India’s growing capabilities in space technology but also contributed valuable insights into lunar science.

Chandrayaan-3 is India’s third lunar mission and second attempt at achieving a soft landing on the Moon’s surface.

Scientific Significance:

  • Water Molecule Discovery: Chandrayaan-1’s discovery of water molecules on the lunar surface revolutionized our understanding of the Moon’s composition and potential resources. Chandrayaan-3’s focus on studying lunar quakes, thermal properties, and plasma changes adds to this knowledge.
  • Lunar Environment Study: Chandrayaan-3’s payloads, shared with Chandrayaan-2, are designed to study the Moon’s geological, geophysical, and atmospheric characteristics. These studies have implications for understanding the Moon’s origin, evolution, and surface processes.
  • Habitability Exploration: The new experiment SHAPE on the propulsion module aims to search for potentially habitable planets beyond our solar system by analyzing reflected light. This contributes to the broader field of exoplanet research.

Technological Achievements:

  • Landing Precision: The expanded landing area and enhancements in fuel capacity and stability demonstrate India’s commitment to improving its soft landing technology. These improvements increase the likelihood of a successful landing, showcasing advancements in guidance and navigation systems.
  • Solar Energy Utilization: The design of the Chandrayaan-3 lander’s solar panels allows for energy generation from all sides. This design optimizes the utilization of solar energy during the lunar day and enhances the rover’s mobility and scientific capabilities.

Future Implications:

  • Deep Space Exploration: Chandrayaan missions pave the way for future deep space exploration endeavors, including missions to other planets and celestial bodies. The technological innovations and experience gained from these missions contribute to India’s broader space exploration goals.
  • Space Diplomacy: Chandrayaan missions strengthen India’s position as a player in the global space community, fostering diplomatic relations and cooperation with other spacefaring nations.

India’s Chandrayaan missions, including Chandrayaan-3, signify the country’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of space exploration and scientific research. Through these missions, India not only advances its own space capabilities but also contributes to humanity’s understanding of the Moon’s mysteries, its history, and its potential as a platform for future scientific endeavors.

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