How to Judiciously USE Social Media While Preparing for UPSC Exams?

“Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprints and personal brand.” — Amy Jo Martin, Founder and CEO of Digital Royalty

As technology advances, so does the way the UPSC aspirants works to get succeed. The aspirants are experiencing the benefits of social media as it unfolds daily. Once the aspirants get a proper social media strategy locked, they are ready to touch the sky with a new breed of skilled bureaucrats. The judicious use of social media will definitely enable UPSC civil services aspirants to keep pace with the changing times. Its disciplined usage can serve as a useful tool for their life’s success.

Following are some of the ways in which the UPSC civil service aspirants can make use of social media judiciously: –

Use social media to Enhance your Preparation: –

UPSC Exams – Social media acts as a platform where UPSC civil service aspirants can showcase, cultivate and hone their multiple unique skills. It offers great opportunities for aspirants. Sharing useful Civil services material and content is constant on social media. This has given a chance for aspirants to make their prepation worthwhile. Social media sites mostly now-a-days provide different UPSC content like video recordings, notes, current affairs materials for free. This is done through various groups and channels on telegram and also multiple Facebook pages.

Good way to gain valuable knowledge online

The aspirants should be always remains in touch with the burning current issues in the society and around the world. Thanks to valuable online content in the form of e-Newspapers, magazines, blogs the aspirants can keep connected to latest news in times like this when everybody is holed up inside their homes. Lockdown has provided an opportune time for uniting virtually. To cope with personal uncertainty and stay productive, people are coming forward to share their knowledge as much as they can, through YouTube. Likewise, there are many other platforms such as Google Meet to keep yourself in touch with those you’re acquainted with.

Using social media to increases Collaboration and Connections

The civil service aspirants can use social media networks to drive public connections, collaborative research, group activities and assignments. It gives a convivial atmosphere to the introverts to open up and communicate effectively in public domain without any hesitation. Today’s aspirants are accessing Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to connect and share knowledge and information with those around them and across the globe.

Social media Can help tackle uncertainty

Every aspirant has to go digital in the days to come, especially due to the crisis which is an outcome of Covid-19. This has become compulsory due to the restrictions put on the physical movement of people amidst second wave of covid-19. A large number of problems are there which aspirants face in their day-to-day life, the problem may be personal, social or economic. The aspirants may feel depressed being all alone at home. They can easily go to any social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc and can connect to other aspirants from all over the country.

Social Media Engagement Encourages Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Sharing

The number of civil services social media accounts give and receive information on daily basis at rapid speed. They share their assignments with teachers, ask questions and clear their doubts and even do collective study among themselves. The range of their sharing information is more than just class videos. They share views and opinions; tips, tricks, even toppers strategy; and helpful information for classes. This helps the aspirants to build the ability to assess, analyze, retain and apply information. They often don’t even realize they’re developing new skills and creating wealth of knowledge.

Social media as Stress Buster

UPSC Exams – Sharing experiences, thoughts, civil services memes along with different ideas and creativity acts as a stress buster for UPSC civil services aspirants. Social media also helps to bust stress when the UPSC aspirants are bogged down with too much work. When aspirants get back to studies, they are more energized and motivated and can concentrate better on their work.

Use of Social media for Online Learning

Amid the nationwide lockdown, vast number of aspirants are opting for online platforms for being in touch with their civil services preparation. Among so many online platforms Facebook and YouTube are the most preferred ones. On Facebook, the aspirants can get to know about various initiatives of different institutes. They can also get the free study material. On YouTube the aspirants can watch videos on different subjects like history, daily current affairs analysis etc.

Social media for sharing free study materials: –

Online platforms are helping the civil service aspirants a lot. Various institutes have started online classes using Zoom app. Aspirants can share classroom notes on WhatsApp. On the personal front, they are using video calls, voice calls and to remain in touch with our near and dear ones. Free study materials such as current affairs pdfs, monthly magazine, Yojana and Kurukshetra magazine can be downloaded from social media. Besides the aspirants can obtain the two most important newspapers, i.e. The Hindu and Indian Express from the online platforms. Thus, the online platforms are very useful to IAS aspirants.

Social media to explore hidden talent

Since social distancing has become the new normal, aspirants have been using online platforms for their UPSC prepation. Students are opting for online teachings via apps. Zoom and Webex app are being widely used as a source of virtual classroom and professional meetings. Internet got transformed to something really paramount from just being a source of entertainment. Different current affairs quizzes, online tests and discussion forums are helping the aspirants so bring out hidden talent within them. Online competitions are trending on Instagram which can be surely beneficial for aspirants.

Be extra cautious while using online platforms!

“Social media is not a safe space.” – Tarana Burke

For civil service aspirants, there are multiple choices of digital platforms and tools when it comes to video conferencing apps, educational platforms, social media, messaging apps like telegram, WhatsApp and Instagram. No doubt social media have shown a great potential beyond improving convenience or efficiency, connection and productivity. Problems arise when the negative aspects of present on social media are not analysed or monitored. However, it is crucial for aspirants to discipline themselves regarding how much time they get to spend on such sites. Aspirants should be self- aware when it comes to activities on social media is an important step in using their time judiciously.

One of the best things the UPSC aspirants can do to enhance their preparation during this pandemic crisis is to learn how to minimise the risk of social media. So, aspirants can evaluate and choose the tools they need for preparation. Aspirants should learn about best practices to use social media and incorporate them into your routines and tools.

Social media is playing an indispensable role in sustaining UPSC preparation amidst COVID-19 times. The aspirants should overcome the negative aspects of social media and use it judiciously during UPSC preparation with positive approach.

As the Dhairya, from TVF’s web series ASPIRANTS have likely said having a positive approach towards results could bring a change in our attitude. Ultimately the aspirants can bring about a greater change in society.

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