How to Prepare for the IAS Exam Online?

IAS Exam Online – A famous quote by Elliot Masie suggests We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.” This has proven true in the changing learning scenario amidst the second wave of COVID-19. As India continues its war against the pandemic lakhs of civil service aspirants are trying to adjust to the situation. In Such conditions, Online preparation for UPSC civil services Exam has proved a boon to civil aspirants.

Benefits of Online Preparation for UPSC Civil Services Exams: IAS Exam Online

  1. The online classes for IAS preparation guarantee the aspirants with direct guidance from the experts in their respective fields.
  2. The online IAS classes provide the flexibility of time and place to attend the classes and complete the course.
  3. They provide the aspirants with on-the-spot doubt clearance and ensures the clarity of the concept.
  4. Another most important advantage of online classes is that they can be accessed from anywhere throughout the country.
  5. The aspirants can re-watch the videos if any concept is not understood.
  6. The online classes for UPSC preparation are economically beneficial for aspirants.
  7. Online classes provide flexibility to the aspirants to understand and complete the syllabus according to their pace.

How to Start online Preparation?

IAS Exam Online – While preparing for UPSC Civil services exams, the aspirants can make use of multiple online platforms which are available for free. There are various YouTube channels and Websites which can be used for preparation. Besides a huge amount of material is also available on various telegram channels and groups.

Here is a guide to start with the online preparation of the UPSC civil services examination: –   

Syllabus through and Previous Year Question Paper Analysis: –

The aspirants should first start with analysing the Syllabus of the UPSC Prelims and Mains examination. This analysis is available on websites of different UPSC institutes. Besides the aspirants can also get the UPSC trend of Previous year questions papers from any good website. This will help them to build a comprehensive exam strategy.

Clearing Basic Concepts: –

It is important to clear basic concepts of subjects like history, geography, polity. Once the aspirants are clear with basic concepts it helps to understand the more complex topics. Aspirants can make use of more interactive videos for this purpose. For example the animated videos can help them to better understand the concept of Plate Technomic Theory.

Use Official Government Websites: –

IAS Exam Online – Official government websites provide authentic data. Besides it also highlights the burning current affairs issues. Also, the aspirants can use the standard and reliable solutions from these websites in their Mains answers. Some of the important official websites are as follows: –

  • www. epw. in

Online Test Series: –

Another important part of online IAS preparation is Test series. The aspirants can vet benefits of online test series for Prelims, Mains and Optional subjects. It will hep them to analyse the depth of their preparation. Besides the online test series will also minimise the time and cost required for the IAS preparation.

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