IAS Preparation- What are the Common Mistakes of Candidates?

The UPSC IAS candidates work hard to fulfill their dream and beat their competitors. However, despite the dedication, continuous effort, and determination, some cannot crack the exam. One of the potential reasons for it is that they make mistakes during their preparation. The exam’s overall process is much strenuous, and without the right preparatory steps, you cannot reach the target.

Before starting your journey towards achieving success, you need to identify the common mistakes. We have made a list of those blunders to remove obstacles from your path.

No Proper Routine to study for IAS

The long IAS exam process may make you feel tired. However, to win this long battle, you need to create a schedule for studying every day. It is essential to focus on the study course and register with an IAS training program. When you are systematic in your approach, you may not cover up the IAS syllabus on time. Moreover, you will get no time for mock tests and revisions. That is why you have to stay organized to prepare for IAS.

No Habit of Reading Newspapers Correctly

You can strengthen your knowledgebase by reading newspapers every day. However, what should you read in the newspaper to get ready for the IAS exam? A newspaper has different segments, including gossips, issues (reviews and views- Individual’s opinion), and events (current affairs).

You need to identify the segments that are important to you. For instance, interviewers may ask you questions on the current events, and thus, you can give more focus on that part. But, you can avoid reading all the international issues, as they are not relevant to IAS.

Do not know the NCERT syllabus

The NCERT books are highly essential when you are going to prepare for IAS. These books have simple and basic concepts on several topics. You may also go through advanced textbooks of NCERT. The best option for you is to download NCERT books for the UPSC IAS exam.

Mock tests ignored

The highly competitive IAS exam selects candidates based on their ranks. Thus, it would help if you had the potential to outperform your competitors. With regular practices, you can attain your goals.

Moreover, there is a negative marking rule, and you must know it as an IAS candidate. Without practice, you cannot manage the lengthy paper.

Only reading- No writing

It is one of the common mistakes of several IAS candidates. Although you like to read lots of books by different writers, you need revisions several times. Reading habits help you to gather knowledge. However, the UPSC exam is something more than a test of knowledge. It analyzes your thinking skills, analytical skills, rationality, and ability to understand. Thus, writing practice is a must to perform better.

You know that there are MCQs in the Preliminary part, and you must learn the tricks of attending to those questions on time. Take time to refine your writing skills as a significant part of the exam is a written test.

One topic- Multiple Reference books

You may find several books released for the IAS aspirants. For every topic, you can find hundreds of books. What’s more, those books include a range of sub-topics. When candidates cannot decide on the right book, you purchase lots of books on that topic.

You may feel that it is good to read different books. However, it would not be evident to you. Although you can gather knowledge, you cannot sharpen your analysis and thinking ability. Thus, to make proper use of time, you have to read only the relevant and popular books. There is no need to refer to more than one book for every topic.

Choice of a wrong optional

You know that IAS aspirants need to select optional papers. The score secured in these optional papers is highly important, as it affects your rank in the merit list. One mistake in choosing the subject may result in an adverse effect on your performance. That is why you have to be careful while selecting your optional subject. The smartest option for you is to prefer subjects which have been chosen for your graduation course. Moreover, you can rely on your preference to pick the right subject for IAS preparation.

Not maintaining a balance

To prepare for the UPSC exam, you need to have a balanced view of every topic. Some topics are debatable. You must write your answer as one of the future civil servants. You need to present your answers positively and moderately.

Skip the revision

Most IAS candidates do not have the habit of revising what they have studied. As you have read different topics and issues, you may remember them without multiple revisions. You can create a proper study routine and follow it every day. But, do not avoid revising your old lessons when you are going to read new ones.

Focusing on Rumors

You may find lots of other candidates spreading rumors. However, you must not pay attention to those rumors. As one of the best aspirants, you have to gather confidence. Self-confidence is essential to achieve success and avoid rumors. In some cases, rumors demotivate the candidate, and thus, you have to keep away from them.

Studying for long hours without sleeping

You think that you have to study for long hours every day. However, it is also essential to take a rest. Spare some hours for entertainment, recreational activities, and sleep. Without sound sleep, you will not feel good, and thus, it will affect your health in the future. You may not be able to concentrate on your study due to your tired feelings.

You must sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every day to retain your health. Feel fresh every morning and get ready for IAS.

Thus, you are now familiar with the most common mistakes of the IAS candidates. Try to avoid these mistakes to reach your target.

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