5 Months Preparation Strategy to Qualify UPSC Exam

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5 Months Startegy For Prelims 2021

  • Feb-Mar
  • Apr-May
  • June

Syllabus Completion

Revision and Mock

Short Revision and Full Length  Mock

A clear and concise Study Strategy is the prerequisite of the UPSC examination. To cover the vast syllabus and revise the studied content in a time-bound manner, the aspirants should have a dynamic and tested Strategy.

Here we are providing you 5 Months Strategy which focuses on the Preliminary examination 2021. We have divided 5 months (from February 2021 to June 2021) into 3 sections as

February & March (Syllabus Completion)

April-May (Revision and Mock)

June (Short Revison and Full Length Mock)

follows Section 1: - February & March (Syllabus Completion) The two months are assigned for completing the selected sources as per the syllabus. In these two months, you have to study each subject and prepare your short notes for the next revision. Here every subject is given 7 days where you can cover the following stuff of that particular syllabus: -

WeekDatesStatic Sources to Cover
11/2/2021 to 7/2/2021Polity·         9th NCERT: Democratic Politics 1 ·         10th NCERT: Democratic Politics 2 ·         11th NCERT: Indian Constitution at Work ·         Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth
28/2/2021 to 14/2/2021History·         India’s struggle for Independence – Bipin Chandra
315/2/2021 to 21/2/2021CultureOld NCERT: Ancient India ·         Old NCERT: Medieval India ·         Class XI NCERT – Introduction to Fine Art (part 1) ·         Class XII th New NCERT – ·         Themes in Indian History Part -1 and Part 2 ·         CCRT website: http://ccrtindia.gov.in/index.php
422/2/2021 to 28/2/2021Environment·NCERT Biology 12th – Unit 10 (chapter 13, 14, 15 & 16) ·         NCERT Chemistry 11th (Part II) – Chapter 14 ·         ICSE Environmental Education 9th & 10th
51/3/2021 to 7/3/2021Economy·12th NCERT: Economics: Macroeconomics ·         12th NCERT: Economics: Microeconomics
68/3/2021 to 14/3/2021Geography·11th NCERT Geography: Fundamentals of Physical Geography 11th NCERT Geography - India Physical Environment ·         12th NCERT: Geography - India People and Economy ·         12th NCERT: Fundamental of Human Geography ·         Certificate physical and human geography - Goh Cheng Leong
715/3/2021 to 21/3/2021Science·NCERT Standard VII ·         NCERT Standard VIII ·         NCERT Standard IX ·         NCERT Standard X ·         Biology of NCERT Standard XI and XII ·         Chemistry of NCERT Standard XI and XII ·         Physics of NCERT Standard XI and XII
822/3/2021 to 28/3/2021MapsOrient Longman Atlas or Oxford Atlas

  Section 2: - April & May (Revision and Mock Tests) After completion of the syllabus comes the most important part which is practicing the mock tests along with revision. Most of the candidates take the mock test very lightly. To increase the efficiency of solving the MCQs in actual examination a good number of mock tests with adequate analysis is very important. The two months, April 2021 and May 2021 are devoted to revision and solving mock papers. In these two months, 10 days are allocated for each subject where you have to complete the revision and solve and analyse two mock tests of the particular subject daily. The plan is as follows: -

DatesRevision and Mock
1/4/2021 to 10/4/2021Polity
11/4/2021 to 20/4/2021History and Culture
21/4/2021 to 30/4/2021Environment
1/5/2021 to 10/5/2021Economy
11/5/2021 to 20/5/2021Geography
21/5/2021 to 30/5/2021Science

  Section 3: - June (Short Revision and Full-Length Mock) Once you complete the syllabus and have solved the subject wise mocks you will get a good confidence in solving the multiple-choice questions. Last 20 days before Prelims are very crucial and should be focused on systematic revision of all the contents and full-length mock practice. This will be your 3rd revision of subjects where you will be using the micro notes prepared in last few months. At this stage of preparation, you should also focus on preparing for CSAT Paper 2. The best way to prepare for this paper is to solve as much as the Previous Year papers and Test Papers. If you follow this plan with consistency you will be able to solve 24 full length tests and 24 CSAT Mock tests. For more precision and timing, we advise you to solve these 24 mocks on the time same as the UPSC Prelims examination time, i.e., 9.30 -11.30 Paper 1(General Studies) and 2.30pm - 4.30pm (CSAT).

DatesRevisionDaily 1 Full-length MockDaily 1 CSAT Mock
1/6/2021 to 4/6/2021Polity44
5/6/2021 to 8/6/2021History and Culture44
9/6/2021 to 12/6/2021Environment44
13/6/2021 to 16/6/2021Economy44
17/6/2021 to 20/6/2021Geography44
21/6/2021 to 24/6/2021Science44

Strategy to cover Current Affairs in 5 months:-

  1. For UPSC Prelims 2021, the current affairs from January 2020 to May 2021 should be covered.
  2. Sources for Current Affairs:-
    1. Newspapers: The Hindu , Indian Express
    2. Magazine: Yojana, Kurukshetra
    3. Other Sources: PIB, Government sites
  3. Current Affairs Study Plan
Current to Cover
1/2/2021 to 5/2/2021Jan 2020
6/2/2021 to 10/2/2021Feb 2020
11/2/2021 to 15/2/2021Mar 2020
16/2/2021 to 20/2/2021Apr 2020
21/2/2021 to 25/2/2021May 2020
26/2/2021 to 2/3/2021Jun 2020
3/3/2021 to 7/3/2021Jul 2020
8/3/2021 to 12/3/2021Aug 2020
13/3/2021 to 17/3/2021Sep 2020
18/3/2021 to 22/3/2021Oct 2020
23/3/2021 to 27/3/2021Nov 2020
28/3/2021 to 31/3/2021Dec 2020
1/4/2021 to 5/4/2021Jan 2021
6/4/2021 to 10/4/2021Feb 2021
11/4/2021 to 15/4/2021Mar 2021
16/4/2021 to 20/4/2021Apr 2021
21/4/2021 to 25/4/2021May 2021
26/4/2021 to 30/4/2021June 2021
May and JuneRevision

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