Appearing for UPSC Prelims Examination? Here’s a Guide to Accelerate you

Clearing UPSC prelims is the first step towards becoming a civil servant. Many aspirants get stuck at this very stage and find it difficult to sail through the preliminary cut-off. Changing UPSC patterns and the vast availability of resources on the internet are the factors to be considered while making a precise UPSC prelims strategy. To pass the prelims exam the aspirants should take into consideration the following points:-

Reread the Syllabus

Understanding the syllabus is the key to the UPSC Prelims exam. The aspirants should first study the syllabus for the Preliminary examination given by the Union Public Service Commission. To understand the syllabus and to remember it while reading, the aspirants should read the syllabus multiple times. This is essential to understand the scope of the subjects to be studied.

Refer Limited Sources

It is often seen that the aspirants collect huge source material throughout the year and in the end, get confused about which one to read. This only adds more complexity to the preparation process. The aspirants should list out the sources and stick to the same throughout the preparation. Limited sources will give extra time for revision along with clarity of the contents.

Stick to the Single Source of the current affairs

Current Affairs plays important role in the whole UPSC examination. A diverse amount of current affairs material is available on the internet. This availability has eased the UPSC preparation but it has also made the aspirants vulnerable to the invaluable content. Aspirants should wisely choose the current affairs sources and revise them multiple times.

Focus on value addition via Newspaper analysis

Once the current affairs sources are finalized, the aspirants should keep them updating as the latest data is available. Besides the additional information from the newspapers and other magazines for eg, Yojana and Kurukshetra can also be added. This will help the aspirants to remain updated with recent current data which will be useful in solving tricky UPSC multiple-choice questions.

Prepare Short revision Notes

The most crucial part of the UPSC prelims examination is the revision. If we consider the sources to be studied revising the huge book of 500 pages is not possible. Thus, the aspirants are advised to prepare the micro notes which will help them in last-minute revision. Another benefit of preparing short notes is that it will give the aspirants clarity of every concept. Besides this will also ease the mapping of the current affairs and the syllabus.

Calm down and enjoy the process

Only aspirants who clear the Prelims are admitted to the Mains exam. This makes clearing prelims a ‘Do or Die’ situation for most aspirants adding to their stress and anxiety. The aspirants should keep calm and focus on their efforts without stressing about the results. The beauty of the UPSC exam is that it allows the aspirants to mold the strategy according to their own needs. So. the aspirants must engage themselves in the correct path and enjoy the preparation process!

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