IELTS Full Form is International English Language Testing System. It is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English, and was established in 1989

IELTS – Undoubtedly the Majorly Spoken Language across the Globe

IELTS Full Form: English is undoubtedly the majorly spoken language across the globe. Thus, it becomes important for many countries to ask people about their English skills before they enter these countries. Hence, there are a few tests that are conducted by these English speaking countries, some of which are accepted across all such countries and the others only in specific nations. IELTS is one such test that is universally accepted across all English speaking nations. Thus, it is the most popular among these tests conducted.

What is IELTS?

The full form of IELTS is International English Language Testing System. It is mostly asked for the universities in Europe, USA and Australia where English is the chief spoken language. The nations or governments generally do not have the right to directly deny entry to such countries to any person, but they get these tests conducted by the relevant agencies, the universities in most of the cases.

Every year, there is a huge rush of students for studying abroad. A large chunk of such students fly to the majorly English speaking countries for higher studies. Many of these aspirants come from the developing countries like China, Hong Kong, India and other parts of Asian and Africa. For such candidates, the test is conducted. The test focuses on checking the hearing, reading, speaking and writing skills of the individuals. Based on the score, they gain eligibility for different universities.

How is IELTS conducted?

There are two modes in which IELTS is conducted. It can be conducted on paper as well as on computer. For the paper based test, the candidate has to appear for the tests related to hearing, reading and writing. But for speaking test, a separate face to face interview has to be conducted. In case of computer based test, the candidates get more choices of dates to appear for the tests. The results are also declared faster than paper based tests.

Also, there are IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests that are conducted. These are meant for different purposes. The hearing and speaking tests are conducted in similar manner for both of these tests. But the reading and writing tests differ. The topics given for reading and writing tests in these two cases vary because of their different purposes. The choice between these two tests also depends on the purpose.

Whether the candidate is appearing for a university or a work permit or otherwise decides the nature of the test. Often, the university or organization for whom the candidate appears in IELTS specifies which of these two options have to be chosen.

Eligibility for IELTS

There is no specific eligibility required for IELTS. Any individual of any country, race or religion is eligible for the test. Even there is no criteria specific to the universities or organizations that are covered under this test. There is also no age limit and anybody can undertake the test.

In order to register for this test, an individual has to visit the British Council website and go for the registration page. An account needs to be created after which a few basic details have to be filled up. The individual interested to register must also have the passport handy as the details therein will be required as well. Once the basic details are submitted, the test center of choice has to be selected. There is finally the provision to pay the fees online after which the necessary documents in soft copies shall be provided to the individuals, either in downloadable format or on emails.

Can test dates be changed?

IELTS test conducted by IDP Education, Australia, and Cambridge English Language Assessment has flexible dates for the exams. These dates can be changed along with test center but at least five weeks prior to the earlier date. In such cases, there is an additional fee that one has to pay. Similarly, there is provision to cancel the test as well. But this also has to be done at least five weeks prior. In that case, an individual gets back the fee submitted with 25% deduction. However, in case of test date cancellation within five weeks, there is no refund.

In case a candidate is absent on the date of the test, then also, there is no refund. However, if the candidate can submit valid medical documents within five days of the test date, then the administrative costs are deducted and the rest of the fee returned to the candidate. The option for uploading such documents is available on the IELTS link that one receives after applying for the test.

FAQs: IELTS Full Form

Question1. What are the fees for IELTS?

Answer1. The fee for IELTS in India is INR 15500/-. This can be paid online from the British Council website at the end of the registration process.

Question2. Are there cancellation fees?

Answer2. If a candidate cancels her or his IELTS test, there is refund after deduction of 25% if the same is done at least five weeks before. Otherwise, there is no refund. However, in case of absenteeism of a candidate on the date of test, the candidate can get a refund after uploading valid medical documents within five days. Otherwise too, there will be no refund. The refund after uploading medical documents on time will be after deducting the administrative costs of the test venue.

Question2. Can a test date be rescheduled?

Answer2. There is provision to change the test date and venue, but again the same has to be done at least five weeks prior to the original date. Also, the new test date should be within three months of the original test date. A fee of INR 3300 is required to be paid online in case of timely rescheduling.

Question3. How IELTS is score given?

Answer3. In IELTS, an individual is marked on a scale of 1 to 9, 1 being the lowest score and 9 the highest. Based on the score, a candidate can apply or be eligible for the various universities who have their own criteria of requirement for minimum IELTS score.

Question4. Is IELTS conducted online?

Answer4. IELTS is conducted both on computer and on paper. It is not an online test but a candidate can appear on computer for the test.

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