Indian Air Force (IAF) SPYDER: What You Must Know 

The Indian Air Force has put SPYDER through its paces. Just to let you know, it’s a SAM. SPYDER’s ability to simultaneously strike multiple targets is an integral part of the air defense system.

The Indian Air Force uses SPYDER, a low-altitude, rapid-response missile system. Eventually, it could be integrated into India’s Air Defense System. In the following essay, you will learn everything you need to know about this air defense system.

The system has two ways to work, which are:

1. Lock on before you take off

2. Lock On After Launch

The first method lets you confirm that the missile is locked on a specific target, which gives you a higher chance of killing targets that are close and move around a lot.

Usually, a SPYDER squadron has one mobile unit for Command and control and four mobile units for firing. Both have their power sources built in. The system has an automated computer that helps the operators intercept enemy targets in harsh battlefield conditions.

The data from the local surveillance radar and command and control centers up to 100 km away are combined in the command and control unit.

The Python 5 is Rafael’s new air-to-air missile for dogfights. It has a high level of agility. Python 5 is an improvement on Python 4. It has a dual-band focal plane array and an infrared imaging seeker, which give it a vast field of view.

The Derby missile is an active radar-guided missile with a medium range initially made for the air-to-air role. The air defense missile can work in any weather and at a distance you can’t see.

Definition of SPYDER

Air to surface Specializing in Python and Derby is referred to as SPYDER. Israeli companies Rafael and IAI developed the system to defend against short and medium-range mobile air attacks (Israeli Aerospace Industries).

What You Need to Know About SPYDER

  • SPYDER became well-known after it successfully hit test targets in Israel’s Shdema.
  • A low-level missile with a quick reactivity time is what this is.
  • If you’re looking to shoot down a plane, you’ll need this surface-to-air missile.
  • For the most part, SPYDER protects a company’s assets from air attacks.
  • Mobile units operating in combat zones can also use it as a line of defense.
  • The SPYDER launcher is used to fire the surface-to-air missiles Python-5 and Derby. It’s called the Spyder.
  • The launcher looks like an air-to-air missile because of its shape.

India’s SPYDER Uses:

SPYDER was in use at the time:

  • Russian-Georgian conflict of 2008
  • Following February 27, 2019, an airstrike on Balakot,
  • Aerial attacks over the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019

SPYDER’s history in India:

India was expected to purchase 18 SPYDER-MR systems for 395 million dollars. CVC India examined this deal before the 2008 agreement. A multimillion-dollar deal was struck in 2009.

In 2012, the systems were installed and operational. 750 Python-5 SAMs and 750 Derby SAMs have been distributed among the 18 SPYDER-MRs.

Interception Ranges

The SPYDER-SR (Short Range) system can hit a target from any direction, and missiles can be launched in less than five seconds after the target has been confirmed. The kill range is less than 1 km to more than 15 km, and it can be used at altitudes as low as 20 m and as high as 9,000 m. The system can fire at a single target, multiple targets, or in a ripple pattern, day or night, and in any weather.

Surface-to-air launcher for SPYDER-MR (Medium Range) missiles Rafael made a version called SPYDER-MR that has a range of over 35 km at altitudes between 20m and 16km. SPYDER-SR can carry four missiles, while SPYDER-MR can hold eight. SPYDER-MR also has a new surveillance radar made by IAI and Elta called MF-STAR.

The main parts of the SPYDER system are the command and control unit, which is mounted on a truck, the missile firing unit, which has a field service vehicle,  Derby missiles and Python 5, and a vehicle for delivering missiles.

Parts of the SPYDER missile system

The vehicles have air conditioning and are also safe from biological and chemical warfare (BCW). The system comprises separate parts called modules, which can be swapped out quickly on the field to fix problems.


The SPYDER missile system is, without a doubt, an essential defense tool that every army should have.


What can SPYDER by India be used for?

SPYDER was used in the 2008 Russo-Georgian War, after the Balakot airstrike on February 27, 2019, and in the 2019 Jammu and Kashmir airstrikes.

What is the full form of SPYDER?

The full form of SPYDER is Surface to air Python and Derby.

What kinds of SPYDER are there?

There are two kinds of SPYDER: SPYDER-SR (short range) and SPYDER-MR (medium range) (medium range)

The Indian Air Force has how many commands?

There are two functional and five operational commands in the Indian Air Force. Each Command is headed by an Air Marshal who serves as the commanding officer.

How strong is the Indian Air Force?

World Directory of Modern Military Aircraft ranks the Indian Air Force third in Global Air Powers for 2022. This ranking is based on how strong each country’s air force is.

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