NCERT Full Form: NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training; it is a significant name in the field of school education in India. NCERT is an autonomous organization that was formed in the year 1961 by the Indian Government. The headquarters of NCERT is located in New Delhi; the main purpose of this organization is to improve the quality of school education.

NCERT is known to have the world’s leading scholars and professors of education. The main objective of NCERT is to provide a common education system for all the students across India. NCERT aimed at introducing cultural diversity throughout the country and promoting equality and unity in the education system.

CBSE students are more benefitted through NCERT as they serve the main purpose of publishing textbooks, study materials, educational kits, digital materials, etc. with the latest updates for the betterment of all the students.

Not only CBSE but other boards also refer to NCERT books for preparing the entrance examinations and other competitive examinations like UPSC, NEET and ITI. The main reason for people referring to these books is that they are written in very simple language with precise content helping students to understand better.

 NCERT was formed by merging the following government organization:

  • Central Institute of Education (1947)
  • Central Bureau of Textbook Research (1954)
  • Central Bureau of Educational and Vocational Guidance (1954)
  • Directorate of Extension Programmes for Secondary Education (1958)
  • National Institute of Basic Education (1956)
  • National Fundamental Education Centre (1956)
  • National Institute of Audio-Visual Education (1959).

What is Regional Education Institution?

The Regional Institute of Education (REI) is a part of NCERT established in the year 1963 by the Government of India to cover all the critical regions of the country. There are five Regional Education Institutions in India:

  • RIE Bhopal
  • RIE Ajmer
  • RIE Mysore
  • RIE Bhubaneshwar
  • RIE Shillong

Objectives and Functions of NCERT: NCERT Full Form

NCERT was mainly established as a scientific, literary and charitable society under the Societies Registration Act 1961 with the aim to improve Early Childhood Education, Girl Child Education, National Curriculum Framework, Vocational Education, etc. We will discuss some major objectives in detail below:

  • NCERT promotes and conducts research in areas of improvement to better the education system in all the schools of India.
  • The main objective of NCERT is to develop National Curriculum Framework, textbooks and syllabus for all the students.
  • They will also publish journals, educational kits, and digital materials helping out every child in clearing tough and competitive exams.
  • NCERT is well known for conducting active learning workshops for all the teachers in order to develop the latest educational techniques and practises among them.
  • This organization will act as a sole decision-maker in terms of all the matters related to school education.
  • The officials of NCERT work round the clock in providing equal education regardless of the background the children come from. They believe in educating every child to the best of their knowledge.
  • This organization has been primarily working on providing textbooks for all the schools with the latest improvements and developments. If the child sincerely studies these materials then he will definitely excel in future. 
  • There is no restriction like only school going students or college going students must read these books, NCERT makes it a point that every child in need will get quality education through these simple and easy study materials. 

FAQs: NCERT Full Form

Questions 1. IS NCERT enough to clear UPSC?

Answer: While you should refer to NCERT textbooks for learning the basics, it is also recommended that you study UPSC material from other sources too. NCERT will give you a good idea and knowledge regarding the basics of that particular subject. However, UPSC is more related to current affairs and schemes that are readily available in news and magazines.

Questions 2. What is the difference between NCERT and CBSE?

Answer: NCERT is an organization formed by the Government of India that issues books that the CBSE board chooses to make their children study. They both are different in their own functions and objectives.

Questions 4. Is NCERT enough for NEET?

Answer: When it comes to preparing for NEET, the first point of study should be NCERT books as almost 80-85% of questions will be asked from NCERT books.

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