Women Power Is Not To Be Under-Estimated

Read about 5 women CSE toppers who cleared the Exam against all odds!

Women Power: It is no secret that the Civil Services Exam is the most challenging one in India. Cracking it is no joke keeping all the competition and the vast syllabus of UPSC in mind. It requires tremendous hard work and a lot of honest dedication to prepare for and clear the Exam meeting all the hard standards set by UPSC.

And clearing the Exam against all oddd makes the achievement of the successful candidates exceptionally appreciable. Read on and you will find the success stories of 5 women toppers who cleared the CSE fighting against all odds:

1.Anu Kumari

Anu Kumari
Anu Kumari

The young mother of a 4 year old little son cleared the CSE – 2017 with an AIR-2. She is a great aspiration for a number of Indian women who aspire to be IAS officers.
No sensible individual can deny that preparing for and clearing the CSE is not an easy job for the married women. It is simply not possible for them to find the time for the same.
However, Anu Kumari made a move to the village of her aunt leaving behind her son in order to prepare for the CSE. She studied hard and topped the Exam with an enviable rank.

2. Shikha Surendran

Shikha Surendran
Shikha Surendran

She cleared the CSE in 2017 in the second attempt. A native of Ernakulam, a small village in Kerala, she was brought up with meager means. She began to think of joining the Civil Services since the time she had been studying in class 6. She was told by her father that education was the only way to overcome poverty.

She did not find preparing for the CSE in Delhi quite suitable and moved back to her village. Once back at home, she prepared for the Exam online. She cleared the CSE in 2017 with an All India Rank 16.

3. Ummul

Ummul Kher
Ummul Kher

It is a highly inspiring case for all who aim at realizing their dreams in spite of all the odds. Ummul Kher suffered a rare disease of bones since her childhood. And she was disowned by her parents simply because she aimed at studying further after she cleared the class 8 Exam.

She earned money and stayed in the slums. But her hard work and spirit to fight against all the odds paid off! She cleared the class 12 Exam with a 91% and is a graduate from Gargi College. The 2013 added another feather in her cap as it witnessed her clearing JRF. She cleared the CSE in her first attempt with the IR 420 in the year 2016.

4. Vaishali Sharma

Vaishali Sharma
Vaishali Sharma

She completed MBBS scoring 80% from Aligarh Muslim University in spite of hearing impairment, cleared the CSE twice. She was the second rank holder in 2016. But she was not found fit for being overweight. She lost weight in the year that followed and cleared the Civil Services Exam once again.

5. Ira Singhal

Ira Singhal

Women Power: The IAS officer Ira Singhal cleared the CSE in 2010. However, as she suffered from scoliosis, a disorder related to the spine, her candidature stood cancelled. She fought for her rights at the Central Administrative Tribunal. She was the first differently-abled IAS exam topper with an AIR-1, for CSE in the year 2014.

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