SCHOOL Full Form: A SCHOOL is an educational institution that provides a learning environment, learning space and knowledge to all the students under the supervision of a teacher. It doesn’t have a specific full form as it is an acronym. 

This process of the education system is referred to by many other names in foreign countries. In India, though small children go to primary school and young children go to secondary school.

The institution where higher education is taught is referred to as a college and university. However, there are many full forms of school that are made by people over a period of time for reference: 

  • Several Common Hours Of Our Learning
  • Sincerity Capacity Honesty Orderliness Obedience Learning
  • Scholars Come Here Over and Out for Learning
  • Small Citizens House of Official Learning
  • Study Communicational Hours Organization of Library
  • Student Culture Honesty Obedience Order and Loyalty


School education is considered compulsory for every child in most countries of the world. The system of schooling is generally divided into three categories:

  1. Primary school also known as an elementary school
  2. Secondary school also known as Middle school and
  3. Senior secondary school also known as High School

The main purpose of school is to provide quality education in different subjects and to shape up a better personality of the child to excel in future. 


In the ancient period, children were made to sit together and told about a few stories, manners and basic education by the head of the place. This got eventually evolved over a period of many years and slowly educational importance grew among people. 

Then they decided to start the school at a very basic level, this basic structure of schooling was present since ancient India, Ancient China and Ancient Rome. The schooling system was invented for the primary children with a group leader who was senior of all with good knowledge and manners. 

Top 10 schools in India:

1. The Doon School, Dehradoon

2. The Shree Ram School, New Delhi

3. HAL Public School, Bangalore

4. The Heritage School, Gurgaon

5. Army School, Ahmedabad

6. Maharaja Swami Bhawani Singh School, Jaipur

7. Hyderabad Public School, Hyderabad

8. Don Bosco International School, Gurgaon

9. Cygnus World School, Barodara

  1. Delhi Public School, Bokaro


  1. To provide quality education to all the children.
  2. Giving them lessons on good manners and discipline.
  3. Preparing and shaping up their mentality for facing future challenges.
  4. Enabling the children to do always better.
  5. Apart from academic education, schools will also provide sports education, physical exercise, arts and crafts etc. 


For getting admitted to any school the child must be at least 3 years of age. After registering and enquiring about the school parents can get their wards admitted to the school they prefer. Generally, there will be an interview done before the admission process.

There is no compulsion that children once admitted to a particular school must finish their entire education from the same school. 

They are allowed to change their school in case of any emergency and get admitted to other schools. 

There are thousands of schools in India with the same aim to educate each and every child. The process of admission will be more or less similar. However, for higher standards, there will be a written admission test conducted by the school authorities for assessing the child. 

Depending on the result the school authority will give counselling to the parents regarding the admission process. The fee will be different for every class and in every school.


 SCHOOL Full Form: Apart from academic education, the schools will also focus on many other extracurricular activities. If the child shows interest in sports then he will be guided by the best coach, if the child has an interest in arts then the art teacher will teach him all the latest techniques of arts and crafts. 

Likewise, in school children become independent, friendly, well mannered, etc. it is the duty of parent also to keep an eye on their academic studies. There will be a Parent Teacher Meeting held on the school campus to discuss student-related matters. 

FAQs: SCHOOL Full Form

Question 1. What is the full form of a school?

Answer: There is no specific full form of school, it is an acronym.

Question 2. Who all can study in school? Is it free of cost?

Answer: All the children who are above 3 years of age are allowed to start kindergarten. Private schools will charge you for the academic year with a fee whereas government schools are free of any charge.

Question 3. What is the main objective of school?

Answer: The main objective of any school in India as well as abroad is to provide education to children so that they gain knowledge and wisdom through the best teachers. 

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