Is Coaching Mandatory for Cracking Civil Services Exam

cracking civil services exam?

“Maybe the most important 70 minutes of your life,

Today, whether you play good or not

You will remember these 70 minutes all your life

So how to play, today I am not going to show you that

All I will say is go and play these 70 minutes in their fullest……….”

It is the dialogue that took my heart away way back in the year 2007. And it holds its relevance till date. These are the words coming straight out of the copy of the scriptwriter (ehhhh!). Let me correct myself; straight from the heart of a COACH.

Most of the times, we misunderstand a coach to be a scriptwriter who feeds words into our mouth but this is where we go wrong.

A coach is that light emitting source who provides you a direction, who guides you to fight the battle of your life, who hand holds you to learn the lessons of life in a frictionless manner, who helps you discover the best in you!

And this is where the role of a coaching institute comes in. So, to answer the query as to the obligatory aspect of joining an institute to crack civil services, I would like to list the following points:

1. Nothing is Mandatory :-

Even appearing for civil services exam is not. But once you have taken the decision, you should figure out where you stand, what is your level of understanding and what are the areas you are lacking in. If you feel the situation is under your control, go ahead without turning your head around, towards any of the IAS coaching institute. But if your heart says “aaall is not well”, look out for coaching services.

2. Failed Education System :-

The coaching is undoubtedly a flourishing business but the business is building its foundation on the ruins of failed education system. The coaching institutes fill in the lacunas created by our education system and to better understand the structure and pattern of competitive exams in India.


3. Coaching Make You Exam Ready :-

The demographic dividend of India highlights the fact that more than 62.5% of India’s population is working (15-59 years of age) and the majority are young. More the young, more the competitve, more the crunch of resources and jobs and more the stress and hard work. So, the coaching institutes help in dealing with the burgeoning pressure and competition by making you exam ready.

4. Unfavorable Circumstances :-

Some people come from the background they seek to become a part of i.e. son of doctor becoming a doctor, daughter of an IAS aiming to become an IAS and so on. In such situations, they already have a guidance in the form of their upbringing and their surroundings. But not all are privileged. Also, in this era of diversified career options, it won’t come as a surprise if the daughter of a domestic worker aims to crack the civil services exam. But given the unfavorable conditions, it becomes important to join an institute to shape up the future. Again, void (given the debate around significance of coaching institutes) filling the void (failed education system) theory comes in.

5. Practise is the key :-

In Order to out stand in the competition, one needs to survive the competition. It comes from joining test series and practising answer writing and here the role of coaching institutes stands justified.

How many of us actually revise the Newton’s law of gravitation or the chemical reactions once we are back home from school? (Of course, except the biology lessons of class 8th) And how many of us retain what we learn in school; not even about the hormones and in heart circulation? (Of course, until we meet that first crush who gives us an adrenaline rush)

Is coaching mandatory for cracking civil services exam?

So, the coaching institutes provide that platform to practise before you play in the world cup.

6. Act as facilitators :-

And at last, the coaching institutes act as facilitators who help you out in the hour of your emotional upheaval (counselling), provide you the study material, encourage student teacher interaction and provides you a level playing field to start your journey irrespective of you coming from a favorable or unfavorable background and circumstances.

To conclude, I would say, it is not mandatory to join a coaching institute if you feel you can tide above the enlisted obstacles. Be it coming from an unfavorable background or controlling your desire to spend time with bae or pushing yourself to practise papers and indulge in some self-study or collecting the right resources and study material and the list is inexhaustive.

In this era of digitalisation, we have many online educators. If you believe, the youtube channel can fill that void and can help you establish that humanly student teacher connect, way to go ahead.

But if you believe you need a mentor who doesn’t spoon-feed you but guides you to deal with those 70 minutes (take the privilege to adjust the minutes as per civil services pattern), I believe the coaching is must.

But remember, a coach cannot tell you how to perform in those precious 70 minutes, he can only prepare you to sit in the hall for you to compete against the time. Tick tock tick tock tick tock!!!

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