Is Coaching a Must to Crack the IAS Exam?

IAS is what the majority of the Indian youth dreams to join and leaves no stone unturned to prepare for the Civil Services Exam. Though UPSC offers various cadres, it’s IAS, that is the most coveted one, so much so that the Civil Services Exam has popularly come to be known as the IAS Exam.

Self Study vs. Coaching Institutions

The IAS Exam is widely considered as the most competitive of all the Exams. The many lakhs of the candidates who appear for the Prelims diminish to a number around 1000 when UPSC declares the names of the successful candidates.

Thus, relevant guidance, is, of course, required to clear the Exam. Needless to say, an IAS aspirant would like to be guided by the experts so that their preparation for the IAS Exam does not lack in anything. The Exam is hardest of the hard to be cleared. And there is a great surge in the competition almost every year.

However, not all require to be coached in an IAS institution. Many candidates, who are keen on self study, manage to clear the Exam on their own. However, not all feel confident enough to do so. There are various reasons that drive the majority to get itself enrolled in a coaching institution.

Reasons to get yourself enrolled in an IAS coaching institution

A great majority of the IAS aspirants prefers getting itself enrolled in an IAS coaching institution rather than opting for self study. It’s understandable that only being keen on the self study is far from being sufficient to clear the IAS Exam in the first attempt itself. A lot more is required, apart from your willingness to study hard.

Advantages of Joining an IAS Coaching Institution

A good IAS coaching institution can and does play a decisive role in helping you clear the IAS Exam. It would provide you with a number of the advantages over self-study. The major ones are listed below:

(1)It helps you balance your approach towards the Exam: Most of the students do not find it easy to manage their time, specifically when the UPSC syllabus seems to be an endless one! Besides, they are not aware how to study. Moreover, the study material must be highly competent. And where are they going to put an end to a topic and begin to study another, in spite of keeping a copy of the UPSC syllabus ready at their table. A good IAS coaching institution helps take care of all these problems, and thus make the preparation for the IAS Exam a balanced one.

(2)Mentorship, apart from Guidance: Though a coaching institution simplifies the complexities of preparing for the IAS Exam, making the tedious process quite simple, it also provides the collective and individual guidance, often referred to as mentorship. Each individual is unique in himself. And so is an IAS aspirant. Many a times, an IAS aspirant might require individual mentorship from the faculty that may prove to be wonderful to help him crack the Exam with much greater ease.

(3)Competent study material: A reliable coaching institution usually takes care of the requirement for a flawlessly competent study material, apart from the Test Series and preparation for the Interview. Thus, it’s a great solace for the IAS aspirant to know that all his requirements as far as the strategy to prepare for the Exam are already being taken care of by the experienced faculty. Thus, he can focus on the preparation better.

(4)Competence: When an IAS aspirant prepares along with his batch mates at the institution, he is motivated by a spirit to compete. And that’s a highly great asset that definitely counts, for, ultimately, he aims at competing and overpowering the completion at the IAS Exam itself.

(5)Confidence pays: The confidence gained by the preparation carried under the guidance of the eminent faculty members and the mentors is what is actually going to transform an IAS aspirant into an IAS officer. Knowledge lacking the confidence proves to be futile. And confidence, without knowledge would not be able to go too far. A coaching institution provides both.

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