CSO Full Form: CSO stands for Central Statistics Office, it is an Indian Governmental Agency that comes under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. The Central Statistics Office is well organised with well equipped graphical section.

CSO is known to coordinate all the statistical activities across India. The Central Statistical officers will be responsible for managing the statistical standards in all the states of the country. 

About CSO:

CSO Full Form: The main office of Central Statistics is located in New Delhi, however, there are several branches that are spread all across the country that operate the industrial statistics of industries. One of its offices is situated in Calcutta, India. The survey and operations carried out by the CSO mainly deal with the data in the static form that are different for each department of the Indian government. 

The CSO office was formed in the year 1951 and was referred to as a Central Statistical Institute and Central Statistical Organization. 


CSO is a statistical agency that is better known for dealing with all the data of different departments in the Indian government. As mentioned above, the main purpose of CSO is to manage and coordinate the static standards of the country, related to this we will now discuss a few operations of CSO below:

  • CSK manages all the National Income Accounting. 
  • One of the major operations carried out by CSO is to organize the annual survey of all the industries in India.
  • They also make sure all the data is well combined and stored; they will personally work on compiling the index for all the industrial production. 
  • CSO is also responsible for the Economic Censuses. 
  • CSO will issue a survey for the economic censuses and they will do a regular follow up of these surveys.
  • They study gender statistics and environmental statistics.
  • CSO is very keen on doing a revision of national industrial classification. 
  • They will give training on statistics to all the officials working in the department. 
  • They will also deal with the human development statistics of the whole country. 


Like any other government organization, CSO also has a proper organisational structure along with administration. The CSO is handled by the Director-General himself. He has 5 assistant Director Generals and 4 Deputy Director Generals under him working for CSO. 

There is a whole team working for CSO which include 6 joint directors and 7 special task officers. There is a separate team of 30 Deputy Directors who are in charge of other departments with different roles and responsibilities. There are much supporting staff along with 48 Assistant Directors too. 

Functions of CSO: CSO Full Form

The following are the main functions of CSO:

  1. CSO is responsible for providing National Statistics to the UN.
  2. It compiles the National Accounts Statics.
  3. The State Directorates of Economy will compile the State Domestic Products along with the statistics DESs.
  4. CSO will play a major role in advising on all the matters related to statistics. 
  5. CSO is known to be punctual in attending the statistical work of 5-year plans and even do a collaboration with the planning commission. 
  6. They will constantly work on improving all the tools and strategies for making statistics good and accurate.
  7. It will work towards compiling all the national statistics and publishing them. All the officials will work towards making a fair report for review. 

The CSO officers will divide their work between themselves and conducts surveys that will allow thinking and brainstorming on the areas of improvement. 

The reports derived from these surveys will be submitted to the Director-General who will review each and every report and take action. 

In order to join the CSO, the aspirant must have a background in economics and commerce. He can pursue his studies from any recognised college and score good grades. He must start from a lower position and make progress on top with good performance. 

There are many promotions and hikes in this department which will only depend on a good performance. 

FAQs: CSO Full Form

Question 1. What is the main purpose of CSO in India?

Answer: CSO provides advisory service to other statistic departments of India. They will keep up all the public relations with national and international statistical bodies, apart from this they will organize and manage the national accounts.

Question 2. When was CSO formed and who was the head of CSO?

Answer: The CSO was formed in the year 1951, initially, it was functioning as an institute but later on, it was reformed into a CSO office that deals with all the National Statistics. 

Question 3. What are the other common full forms of CSO?

Answer: CSO- Civil Society Organization- in society

CSO- Chief Scientific Officer- in occupation and position

CSO- Computer Security Officer- in computing

CSO- Computer System Operation- in general computing

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