DRCC Full Form: DRCC stands for District Registration cum Counselling Centre; it is a Bihar government registration officer where anyone can register for different Bihar government services. Not necessarily only Bihar government registrations services, you can also apply for any other government-related services at this centre. 

The DRCC will provide you with all the details related to registration and procedures. There will be officers who will guide you at every step to make the registration process easy and simple. 

 These are the services offered by DRCC:

· Bihar student credit card Registration

· Bihar KYP Registration

· Shyam Sahayta Bhatta

Bihar student credit card: DRCC Full Form

BSCC is the short form of Bihar Student Credit Card, it is a very ambitious scheme that is run by the Government of Bihar, the aim of this agency is to encourage the youth of Bihar for higher education to excel in studies and become independent in life. 

With this scheme interested students of Bihar who want to do their higher education then they can apply for a student loan through this scheme and agency. If approved the Bihar government will give him a loan amount up to ₹ 400000 without any bank guarantee.

Through this facility, aspirants can choose their favourite subject and continue their studies. It is not necessary for the student to live in Bihar and study they can also move out to any other state and pursue their higher education. 

Students of Bihar can avail themselves of this scheme on their economic background. That means if their family income is less than 50,000 per year then they are eligible for a student loan. 

Bihar KYP Registration (KYP) 

Through KYP registration, the candidates who are willing to learn new skills instead of pursuing higher education can continue learning technical knowledge. There are short term technical courses offered by the government which the student can avail through the registration process. the candidate is required to visit the DRCC office and verify all the mandatory documents for registration. 

With this scheme, many students have been trained with the purpose of using their technical knowledge in a particular field. 

Self Help Allowance (Shyam Sahayta Bhatta)

With the self-help allowance scheme, the Bihar government provides financial help to the aspirants for passing their intermediate studies; this will be beneficial for them in getting jobs.

The government will give the students a sum of ₹ 24000 for taking short term courses.


DRCC office is located in every district to help citizens with various schemes for student education and welfare. The details will be available on the official website of DRCC. In case you wish to know the details then you can visit the website for the latest updates. 

Bihar government works in partnership with the DRCC to enable all the possible schemes for the students that will help them to study and earn a good livelihood. 

Whenever there is a new scheme released by the Bihar government then visiting the DRCC office for details will make your registration process easy. The officers will help you in submitting all the required documents at the office. 

On daily basis, there are many people who come with their documents for verification. This is the best way to utilise government services. 

Through DRCC people indeed have already gotten many benefits of availing the governmental schemes. The government has made all the necessary arrangements at the office so that people can avail the benefits offered. 

FAQs: DRCC Full Form

Question 1 . Where is DRCC located?

Answer: DRCC is located in Bihar but there are many branches present in every district of India that will help people in submitting official documents for availing different types of schemes released by the government.

Question 2. Is it necessary to stay in Bihar and study if students avail the of the student loan?

Answer: If the students take a loan from the government for higher studies, then it is not at all compulsory that they must stay in Bihar for further studies. Students can stay in any other state and continue their studies while availing of loan benefits through the Bihar government scheme.

Question 3. What is the main purpose of DRCC?

Answer: The main purpose of DRCC is to provide all the facilities to people related to registration for government schemes. 

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