NIOS Full Form: NIOS stands for National Institute of Open Schooling, it was formerly known as National Open School. NIOS is a board of school education that runs under the Union government of India. 

Through NIOS, students can gain knowledge without even attending school. This is the major plus point for all the students who cannot join the school due to any circumstances. NIOS ensures that every child gets remote learning opportunities which also is in alignment with the Right to Education 


  • The main objective of NIOS is to target children of villages and urban areas where they find it difficult to attend schools due to a lack of proper resources. Poverty is the main reason why these children are held back, the other factor which supports this is the lack of knowledge of parents regarding education. 
  • Hence considering this point, NIOS will also conduct workshops for parents to understand the importance of education for their children.
  • They will target to enrol most of the children into distant learning programs through various seminars, talks and workshops. NIOS will not only help the children to get admitted to the schools but they will make sure that the admitted children will complete their school education and pass out with a certificate. 
  • The main aim of NIOS is to provide academic and vocational education programmes to all the children helping them earn money for good livelihood on the school level. For making the process easy they will also provide a Credit transformation process for all the regular students so that these students can continue their distance education.
  • NIOS will work towards development, excellence and quality in the Open as well as Distance academic syllabus. Recently they have initiated research and development programs so that the students can avail better education experiences. 
  • Students will get proper coverage from the teachers regarding maintaining their focus on education and learning. NIOS will also work on networking, resource and sharing along with other facilities, this will help them in promoting open school culture on national as well as international levels. 

Admission Process:

NIOS Full Form: If you aspire to get admission to NIOS, all you need to know is it is a simple process. Just following the entire step properly with the required documents will be enough to get the admission. 

All the processing will be done online on the official website of NIOS, although a few years back the entire process was offline hence it was a little difficult for people to get the process done. 

Now with everything becoming digital, even the admission process of NIOS has followed this trend. However, there are still two ways to get admitted into NIOS such as:

  1. Go voluntarily for online registration by visiting the official website.
  2. You can personally visit any regional centre for offline registration.

The only thing to remember is to attach all the required documents properly if not your application will be rejected and the registration fee will not be refunded. Hence proper preparation before the application is necessary to avoid any confusion. 

Courses offered by NIOS: NIOS Full Form

  • Secondary school education
  • Senior Secondary Education Course
  • Open Basic Education Programme
  • Vocational Education courses 
  • Life enrichment courses 

Advantages and Disadvantages:

There are no particular disadvantages of NIOS, it all depends on the student on well he prepares for completing his education program. All the support and facilities will be provided by the NIOS system. NIOS is only loaded with advantages for children from villages. We will discuss a few advantages below:

  • NIOS is approved by the HRD Indian Government.
  • There is no need for the children to join physical classes, homeschooling can be done.
  • Children from remote areas can study easily.
  • There is more flexibility given to the children for choosing their favourite subjects.
  • If there is any discontinuation in your studies then NIOS is the perfect platform for you to complete your education. 


Question 1. Are CBSE and NIOS the same?

Answer: No, CBSE is mainly for regular schooling whereas NIOS is only for distance schooling for rural children. In CBSE there are two separate exams for 11th class and 12th class, and in NIOS there is only one single exam for 12th class. 

Question 2. Is NIOS good for future studies?

Answer: NIOS is recognised by the government of India, hence it holds a good reputation in terms of education. Candidates can apply for future courses even after completing their education through NIOS. 

Question 3. Will NIOS provide experienced teachers for teaching students?

Answer: Yes, NIOS has all the experienced teachers and professors who will teach the students with the same enthusiasm and consistency. The aim here is to educate every child of India so that they become independent and earn good money. 

Question 4. Is NIOS a registered board?

Answer: Yes NIOS is government registered board. 

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