DRDO Full Form: DRDO stands for Defence Research and Development Organization; it is an organization that functions under the Department of Defence Research and Development of the Ministry of Defence. DRDO was established in the year 1958 in New Delhi.

The main objective of DRDO is to ensure that the country is self-sufficient with regard to world-class competitive weapon systems. They will always check on the requirements of the three defence services.

Primarily, DRDO has a major objective of manufacturing the latest and modern weapons along with doing the research analysis. DRDO is responsible for providing strength to the country with its technological changes and updates with more than 5000 scientists and 25000 employees. 

With the mission to develop missiles, weapons, radars and many other defence items, DRDO is indirectly helping to strengthen the background of the country. 

DRDO – Activities:

DRDO carry out some major events that have to be done on regular basis. Some of them are discussed below:

1. The Defence research development and organization must submit a brief report analysis of the progress to the Defence Minister of the Country. 

2. Depending on the requirement, DRDO will work with all the Defence expertise to create new designs and models.

3. The Defence Research Development and Organization works for the Indian military, hence they are required to meet all the deadlines for the assigned projects by the intelligence of the military.

4. The DRDO works for evaluating and creating top-quality weapons and upgrading the old ones with necessary changes for the betterment of the force. This is done as the world is moving towards advancement, we also must keep up the spirit and lead the path. 

5. The DRDO will also look upon the security at the border thus providing national security that supports the Military. They will check the security and upgrade it as and when required.   

Aims and objectives:

· DRDO helps to make India a prosperous country in the field of technology and science.

· It will work for providing top-class systems and technical solutions to the country.

· They will invent different types of sensors that can easily detect problems.

· DRDO works towards making a good weapon system that can be used as per the need.

· It will make sure that all the weapons and items made are of top quality and the infrastructure is well developed.

· Through DRDO, we have a strong and professional support service system.

Jobs in DRDO

The students who are willing to work in DRDO can apply for the following post-

1. Junior Research Fellowship

2. Research Associate

3. Construction engineer

4. Apprentice

What is the role of DRDO in the Indian Defence Department?

DRDO Full Form: The DRDO fully functions under the Defence Ministry of the Indian Government; it has overall 52 laboratories all across India which carries out development and research work. 

It does all its work that covers the areas at the global level such as developing weapons, missiles, armed forces etc. not only this, the DRDO will upgrade all the pieces of equipment with time and provide all the latest items to our Indian Army. 

The DRDO alone has made it possible to full fill a major part of the weapon required for the Indian Army. With such great progress, India is now able to sell arms to foreign countries. 

DRDO Exam:

It is not easy to get admitted to the DRDO, the candidate must go through a series of tests and exams. Once you clear those then only you will be allowed to entire the DRDO campus. 

Initially, the candidate must clear the GATE or CEPTAM exam with a good rank, and then comes the next step of the admission and interview process.

The panel members will ask questions to learn more about your personality and knowledge. 

The exam pattern will be more or less similar to any other entrance exam, however, the DRDO will conduct its own exam for various posts. 

FAQs: DRDO Full Form

Question 1 . What are DRDO and its objective?

Answer: DRDO stands for Defence Research and Development Organization; it is responsible for inventing weapons, missiles and armed forces for our Military forces. It also does all the research activities related to upgrades and changes in the technical fields.

Questions 2. What are the posts available in DRDO?

Answer: If any candidate wishes to pursue his career in DRDO then he can apply for the post of Research Associate, construction engineer, etc. it is however not easy to get a job in DRDO, you must clear various tests and exams in order to qualify for the admission.

Questions 3 . Is DRDO a private organization or affiliated with the government?

Answer: DRDO is an organization that works for the Indian government and is tagged under the Ministry of Defence. It was formed in the year 1958 in New Delhi since then it is working towards the protection of the country against alleys by developing weapons and missiles. 

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