EU Full Form: EU stands for European Union; it was created after World War 2. The main purpose of the EU is to maintain peace among the countries of the world. EU is a political and economic group of a total of 27 countries promoting democratic values. European Union is considered one of the most powerful trade blocks in the world. Out of 27 countries, 19 share the euro as their official currency. 

In this article, we will learn in depth about the values and goals of the European Union. 

Benefits and goals of EU:

EU Full Form: In the early days, the EU started with only 6 six countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The European Union started expanding from Western Europe to eastern and central Europe during the 21st century. The following countries have been added to the EU:

1. Austria, 

2. Bulgaria, 

3. Croatia, 

4. Cyprus, 

5. The Czech Republic, 

6. Denmark, 

7. Estonia, 

8. Finland, 

9. Greece, 

10. Hungary, 

11. Ireland, 

12. Latvia, 

13. Lithuania, 

14. Malta, 

15. The Netherlands, 

16. Poland,

17. Portugal, 

18. Romania, 

19. Slovakia, 

20. Slovenia, 

21. Spain and 

22. Sweden.   

The goal of the EU focused mainly on bringing about economic stability, this has made inventions to creating new policies, implementation of the policies, taking into account the climate changes of the country, environmental changes, even migration. This all leads to the formation of the Schengen Area. 


In its initial days of formation, the EU focused only on economic development, but as time has passed it got involved more into a holistic mission:

· EU is responsible for maintaining peace, harmony and well being of all the citizens of the country.

· EU will offer security, justice and freedom without internal borders to all its citizens.

· European Union will work for the development of Europe while taking care of social justice and equality. 

· Apart from Europe, the EU will consider taking care of the planet by initiating peace throughout the world. 

· To make sure EURO is the main currency of all the countries tagged under EU. 

· The European Union will fight for social exclusion and discrimination. It will respect every culture and language.

· One of the main focuses of the EU will be towards promoting scientific and technical progress which will lead to the overall development of the country. 

Values of EU:

1. Freedom: the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights promotes freedom of speech, religion, expression and information among all its citizens. The people of these countries are given leverage to move and reside in any EU country without any problem. 

2. Human Rights and Dignity: Human dignity should be unquestionable in any country and situation. The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights protects individuals from the discrimination of gender, race, religion, age, etc. through EU citizens can also protect their personal data. 

3. Democracy: the model of the EU is based on bringing about democratic change in the country. This includes the right to vote in the elections, contesting as a candidate and even giving the citizens to right to vote in their country of origin. Through the European Union, all the members will get political rights. 

4. Equality: the European Union makes sure there is quality between men and women in all the European countries. There is no one superior or inferior in any area that belongs to the EU.

5. Rule of Law: all the rules and goals made by the EU are through treaties that are voluntary and democratic in nature. The European Court of Justice gives the final jurisdiction that has to be respected and obeyed by all the members of the states. 

EU and International Trade:

The EU conducts free trade among the members of the state besides promoting the concept of open economic in foreign countries. 

The EU has known to sign many trade agreements with the following countries:

EU-Canada Agreement (CETA)

EU-Japan Agreement

EU-Singapore Agreement

EU-Australia Agreement

 Below are the top trading partners of the European Union:

1. The USA

2. China

3. The United Kingdom

4. Switzerland

5. Russia

6. Turkey

7. Japan

8. Norway

9. South Korea

10. India

FAQs: EU Full Form

Question 1. What is the full form of the EU and its main objective?

Answer: The full form of the EU is the European Union; its main objective is to maintain peace and harmony between the European countries as well as foreign countries.

Question 2. How many countries are tagged under the EU and what are they?

Answer: There are a total of 27 countries that are tagged under the European Union. They are as follows: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Question 3: When was the EU formed?

Answer: The European Union was formed in the year 1993, November 1st in the Netherlands. 

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