Important Factors To Look Before Choosing The Online IAS Coaching

It is a perfect time to learn a few important things before joining the online IAS coaching. How do you pick only the best online class?

Is there any way to check the quality of coaching classes? Learn how to measure the sincerity towards success. I have listed the top 6 factors that define good online coaching.

Check for the presence of these qualities in the first place. Please do not ignore. One small mistake, in the beginning, will ruin the entire preparation period.

Get Rid Of Misconceptions

Are you thinking of which online coaching to choose? It should definitely be the perfect starting point for your UPSC preparation. Generally, the aspirants think about the completion of syllabus.

But, it is not the idea here. Do not think like – “Who will help me complete the syllabus at the earliest?” Give high priority to understanding and not a syllabus.

Being new to IAS preparation, the aspirants tend to get lost inside the thought of huge syllabus. Stop thinking in this direction. You have other important things to consider.

Time To Learn The Advantages Of Online IAS Coaching

If you love the concept of self-study, then an online course is an excellent choice. The Self-study technique helps you to clearly identify your strengths and weakness.

Above all, plan the study time-table at your own pace. Prepare from the comfort zone of your home. If you are a non-student, then you will have a lot of other responsibilities to fulfill. So, online coaching saves you a lot of time.

However, you will not have the scarcity of study materials. You just need to get in touch with the right mentors. You will love the way in which top institutes teach you through a personalized explanation.

When expenditure is considered, you will have to spend only a few amounts when compared to classroom coaching. As a whole, you need not have to worry about the advantages.  In turn, you need to own the capacity to learn my own.

Importance Of Online UPSC Coaching Class

Why should you take up the coaching classes in the first place? Most of you think that UPSC classes mainly helps to complete the huge syllabus. But, it is not the only criteria. There is still a valid purpose.

You can complete the syllabus even without the help of coaching classes. That information is present in the number of books.  What other things does the coaching classes bring in front of you?

Here, you need to understand the one important aspect of the UPSC exam. When you prepare for the civil services exam, you will start gaining a broad knowledge about India.

It completely changes your viewpoint about India. It will expect you to understand the country from the relatable and analytical point.

It is not a compulsion. You need not enroll in online coaching to clear the UPSC exam. Students have cleared without the support of such classes. So, ignore this point of concern.

Again, they do not take the responsibility of making you work hard. It is up to your dedication. Work smart and consistently if you want to attain the dream goal. Otherwise, you will lose it.

Now, it is time to learn about the duties and responsibilities of coaching classes. You have to look at these factors before joining.

Quality Of Content

All the good online IAS coaching institutes put up the demo videos on the official website. Do check them for the quality. Are the videos made of slide show combined with a background voice?

Are the classroom recorded video sessions? It is definitely not free! You are going to pay for seeking knowledge. So, ensure to check the quality of videos.

Sometimes, offline content is optimized for online courses. Do not say yes to such type of bad courses. It should specifically be built for the purpose of the online class itself.

Let me give you an example. If the videos are classroom recorded sessions, teachers tend to repeat the same sentences to clarify the student’s doubt.

You need not listen to it when watching online. It is just a waste of time. Since you are online, you can always pause, replay, rewind, and forward. So, why do you need such repetitions?

Another example is here for you. What if the teacher is turning back and writing on the board. Is it worth watching online? Did you say NO! Yes, of course. You must not entertain them.

It is not worth paying any extra money for such online IAS Coaching. Here, you are not seeking the best quality for sure! If the video has a clip in which a teacher cleans the board. It is time waste for online learners.

When you watch demo videos, check for such online optimization factors. Are they perfectly edited for online viewers? Is the professor looking at the screen while explaining?

Is the teacher in the right pace that matches a single student? Or whether he is matching the speed of group teaching? Keep these questions in mind while watching demo videos.

Style Of Teaching

Give attention to the teaching style. It is one of the most important factors to consider. Again, a demo video is a good place to begin. They give you a clear picture of teaching style delivered by the online coaching course.

What they do while teaching? Is it just telling off the information? Or do they explain every concept with logical reasoning? The explanations must be the real analysis of concepts.

What is the use if they read exactly the same content of standard books? You should get a practical illustration of theoretical concepts. Check whether they provide you the same!

The teachers should explain the reasons existing behind the concepts. Ultimately, they should help you understand the consequences and effects.

When you get the hold of analyzing the concepts in the right way, you can carry on with the same procedure while self-studying. So, you become independent. However, online coaching is preferred by students who love self-studying.

Quality Of Current Affairs Explanation

Current affairs are considered as the toughest portion of the syllabus to prepare. This is because of its dynamic nature. The news keeps changing on a daily basis. So, you should be updated!

However, it consumes 50 percent marks in the UPSC exam. Are you aware of it? Generally, coaching institutes give less importance to current affairs.

On the other hand, the online course tends to run multiple slideshows without explaining much. Please do not get trapped in such bad online IAS classes.

Everybody can provide abundant information. It is definitely not a problem for the coaching institute. The way in which the institutes deliver is more important.

In the first place, they should interlink the current news with the syllabus of UPSC. Are they providing related questions from previous papers? It helps you to understand in a more better way.  

Do You Get Free Demo Class

Check whether the course provides free demo classes! If they offer, well and good. If they are not having that option, ask for the same. Do not ignore the absence of a free demo session.

Are they confident about sharing a demo class with you? Then, you can be confident enough to deal with good experience. You can actually demand a particular subject or topic.

If they force you to take a pre-designed demo, please do not agree. They might have done it in a good manner only for the demo session. Pay attention here!

Availability Of Personalized Content

UPSC preparation demands a lot of planning, discussion with experts, and motivation sessions. Have you planned to do all these things by self? If yes, then you are only half done. Even if you join any online coaching class without a mentor, it is waste.

The mentor who has a subject matter expertise and years of experience can guide you better. So, look out for such mentors before joining any UPSC courses.

Only a few of the IAS aspirants will look into this point. Many of you do not have an idea about the same. So, ignoring it is a common problem among IAS aspirants. 

Standard Mock Test Series

The trusted UPSC online coaching must offer mock test series. It is a great tool for practice sessions. Only a few institutes take the responsibility of setting up standard questions.

Generally, there would be unit tests, weekly tests, and monthly tests. If the questions do not match UPSC standards, then you will not have any kind of advantage.

Without the right mock papers, the student finds it very difficult to clear the final exam. Do you have a problem with time management ability?

If yes, then practice rigorously with the good mock test papers. It has the ability to eliminate your fear. Keep yourself away from nervousness on the day of the exam.

Students generally become panic due to lack of practice. Please do not fall into this category. Take mock tests seriously in order to find the success path.

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