Bibhash Sharma Sociology Classes Review

Bibhash Sharma Sociology Classes is one of the well-known IAS coachings in India. Today, you are here to learn about this course offered by Elite IAS. However, I am also here to explain how helpful was this Sociology classes to me.

Firstly, you must beware that Sociology in civil services exam is a scoring subject. So, you must choose the optional subject very wisely. I made a wise decision and sharing my opinion with you through this blog post. The candidate who opts for Sociology comes in the top 50 ranks. Have you observed? Totally, there are 51 optional subjects. But, this is the best choice anyone can make!

Why Should You Choose Sociology as an Optional Subject?

As mentioned earlier, sociology is the effective optional subject for anyone to choose. Basically, it helps you to score good marks. Also, it improves your essay writing skill. When I had been to Elite IAS for the first time, the faculty gave me a fantastic counseling session. I just loved the way they help students in making decisions.

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Do not keep the success ratio of only Sociology subject in mind. It varies from one year to another. Sometimes, students score high marks in the optional subject but very less in GS. Ultimately, it hits the overall ranking. As a result, they will not be able to clear mains.

Do you believe if I say Sociology helps in preparing for General Studies? Yes, it does! Sociology contains general topics. So, it helps you to prepare well for all the papers of General Studies. No other optional subjects will provide such benefits. You can consider it as a safer choice.

Why? Because it does not require any kind of academic knowledge. So, you need not have to own specific knowledge. There are many candidates who scored high marks without prior knowledge about the subject. Ultimately, any student can choose Sociology as their optional subject. It mainly deals with society. Moreover, we all live in society. Hence, it seems to be easy and generic.

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Even the students with a technical background can choose sociology. Not only technical students, but any education background also fits in the requirement. You must be wise while making the decision. However, there is no need for specialization. When you are in Bibhash Sharma Sociology Classes, don’t worry about study materials.

You will get abundant of resources to prepare. But, begin with NCERT 11 and 12-grade books. It has proved to be a good start. Above all, it is impossible to get the least score in this subject. Suppose you have not completed the syllabus. Still, you can make up the answers and perform well in the exam. The chances of getting zero marks are nil in Sociology.

Sociology is all about general theory topics. So, it is easy to score good marks in essay. When you prepare well for this subject, it improves your speaking skills. In turn, you will perform well in the interview stage. Have you noticed? The theory questions get repeated frequently. So, do not get panic on the exam day.

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Understand the questions properly and present your answers well. The syllabus is simple and easy to prepare. Also, there are good learning resources available in the market, unlike other optional subjects. In the case of other optional subjects, the candidates struggle without proper coaching.

Time To Learn About Faculty – Bibhash Sharma and Sociology Classes

Bibhash Sharma takes Sociology classes in Elite IAS. He is one of the excellent faculties to teach for civil service examination. I loved the way he simplified the concepts during training sessions. Most importantly, he owns rich experience in teaching from fifteen years. Many candidates are able to top in IAS exam due to his coaching.

So, he is responsible for producing eminent civil servants of the country. His students have got postings in IAS, IFS, IRS, etc. This proves his expertise in the teaching field! Moreover, UPSC syllabus keeps changing. He is aware of all the changes. In turn, he keeps the students of Elite IAS informed about all the updates regarding the UPSC exam. 

In Bibhash Sharma Sociology Classes, he follows the scientific teaching methodology. He not only makes the concepts simpler! Also, he teaches the IAS aspirants the skill of answer writing in Sociology paper. This part is just amazing! Firstly, he studies the format of answer writing. Later, he follows the UPSC standard throughout his guidance.

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He has designed an excellent online course for Sociology. So, even the remote students can get the best coaching from experts. If you buy this online course, there is no need for external supervision. You just have to follow his instructions. Above all, Elite IAS aims in reaching all the parts of India. Here, quality is the main concern. They want to spread the knowledge out of Delhi. Consequently, they aim at offering affordable IAS coaching.

As a whole, the coaching for Sociology must reach all the smart brains of India. The student’s place of residence should not be an obstacle. However, Sociology classes are available in many formats. It includes online course, classroom course, and postal course. Now, it’s your choice. Make the decision that best suits you.

The course duration is 6 weeks. Do not miss to take up these interactive courses. Or else, you will end up wasting the time as well as money. Ultimately, they promise to be in touch with you for one complete year. Do not worry about the doubt clearing sessions. It is available throughout this period.

Best Features About Bibhash Sharma Sociology Classes

Firstly, the subject itself is easy to understand, prepare and score. There are a few more things I liked about the Sociology coaching at Elite IAS. I have highlighted them in the below paragraphs. Hopefully, it helps you to make the final decision.

Technology Oriented

They have a perfect blend of technology and coaching. When a new candidate enrolls into the course at Elite IAS, you will get specific login credentials. Use the ID and password to access the course benefits. Most importantly, it helps you to plan the studies well in advance. Also, there are no time constraints.

It provides flexibility to all the students. The online platform has two major features. You have to seek study materials and class tests through online portal only. In case of any new content or updates, it is done through an online platform. So, download the value-added materials during the course. It is accessible to all the enrolled students. This is how they use technology to simplify the process of teaching.

Reliable Classroom Coaching

You must have heard about Sociology classroom coaching. How good is it? Are the teachers friendly? Will they help you to get top rank in IAS exam? Here, I would like to share my opinion about Sociology classes. Are you located in Delhi? Then, you must visit this institute once! Interested students can enroll in the coaching classes directly.

The seats are in high demand and limited. So, they have made the registration compulsory. They say strictly no to dictation. It is simply a waste of time. Instead, Bibhash Sharma Sir will spend more time in explanation and discussion of topics.

Recorded Online Coaching

Bibhash Sharma Sociology Classes is famous for online coaching. The remote students and working professionals get a chance to learn from 15 years experienced teacher. Do you belong to this category? Then, eliminate all your worries and enroll in this course. Mainly, the video sessions are classroom recorded videos.

So, you will not miss the classroom environment. The best part is the platform for doubt clearing. Firstly, you must take an appointment to seek help from Bibhash Sharma Sir. Later, ask your doubts in pre-scheduled time. Of course, class tests and study materials are an integral part of the course.

However, virtual sociology classroom coaching is also available. Here, you will get access to only the recorded videos. If you do not want to take up an online course, this is the best option. It gives you a perfect classroom experience. Moreover, maintain your comfort zone and prepare for the optional subject.

Interactive Correspondence Course

Trust me! There is no other institute in India who provides dedicated Bibhash Sharma Sociology Classes in the form of the correspondence course. Their main intention is to offer excellent quality study material.

So, aspiring students can easily prepare from remote places too! Even if you are present far away from the institute, it is possible to get your mock tests evaluated. Upload the answer papers online or send it by post.

They will evaluate and send back the report to you. Improve upon the remarks the experts have given you. Ultimately, follow their instructions to win the competition in the final exam. Again, interact with the faculty on weekends. You are given a specific time period. So, reach out only at this time. Ask the doubts and get it cleared.


Ultimately, Bibhash Sharma Sociology Classes is the best option if you want to score high in IAS exam. In my opinion, it is always better to seek help from an experienced organization. Join Elite IAS without any kind of doubts in mind. However, the final decision is yours. It is just the review from my end.

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