SCVT Full Form: SCVT stands for State Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training, it is located in Bhubaneswar, India. SCVT deals with all the matters pertaining to vocational training at the State level. This Council will provide all the information to the interested candidates for vocational courses at a State level. 

SCVT is an advisory body that is formed by the Government of India. SCVT offers a diploma after completing the course of 3 years and 2 years respectively. The courses are related to engineering as well as non-engineering fields such as:

  1. Architectural engineering
  2. Civil engineering
  3. Mechanical engineering
  4. Automobile engineering food engineering
  5. Chemical engineering 
  6. IT engineering
  7. Mining engineering
  8. Biotechnology
  9. Pharmacy
  10. Ceramic engineering
  11. Metallurgical engineering
  12. Applied electronics and instrumentation engineering
  13. Computer science and engineering
  14. Electronics and telecommunication engineering
  15. Modern office management
  16. Beauty culture
  17. Hotel management and catering technology, etc.

There are courses that SCVT offers for ITI, such as:

  1. Welder
  2. Electrician
  3. Fitter
  4. Mechanic
  5. Carpenter
  6. Driver
  7. Data entry operator
  8. Plumber
  9. Pump mechanic
  10. AC mechanic
  11. Instrument mechanic
  12. Sewing technology
  13. Vessel navigator
  14. Fabrication
  15. Tractor mechanic, etc. 

Admission: SCVT Full Form

SCVT Full Form: Students who are interested in joining the vocational courses at a State level must refer to the official website of SCVT. They will be admitted into different types of training. They must follow the guidelines mentioned on the portal to get a detailed idea about the process. 


  1. SCVT functions to carry out the policy of the National Council with respect to the National Trade Certificate in both engineering and non-engineering trades. 
  2. They will take measures to check that the decision is being implemented by the colleges with regards to the syllabus, accommodation, equipment and course duration. 
  3. They will monitor the State Board Examinations in Vocational trades.
  4. SCVT will arrange for an Ad-hoc inspection of the training in the institutes and centre of the State to ensure they are following the process correctly. 
  5. SCVT will be responsible to check the qualification of the teachers and arranging for staff in special circumstances.
  6. To ensure that the exams are conducted as per the State Board of Examinations in all the institutions. 
  7. This council will issue National Trade Certificates to tall the students who have cleared the exam successfully.
  8. They will be in charge of updating the state government in case of any expenditure related to training, schemes and workshops.

Difference between SCVT and NCVT:

SCVT Full Form: Initially, there were many differences between SCVT and NCVT because of which interested students had to face problems during the job seeking time. 

Due to this confusion, the government of India and State governments together initiated several steps to cover up the gap between these two councils. After this change, SCVT and NCVT have a few differences such as:

  • SCVT works for a particular State whereas NCVT works for the whole country.
  • Exam pattern is also different for both.
  • There is only one official website for NCVT while SCVT has a different website for each state.
  • There are more NCVT institutions compared to SCVT institutions. 
  • While searching for a job, SCVT candidates will face a few problems but NCVT candidates will easily get a job not only in India but in any other foreign country.


Question 1. Is SCVT recognised by the government?

Answer: Yes SCVT is recognised by the state government.

Question 2. Are NCVT and SCVT the same?

Answer: No SCVT works for the State whereas NCVT works for the nation.

Question 3. What is the main purpose of SCVT?

Answer: The main purpose of SCVT is to provide training to all interested candidates for vocational courses at a state level. 

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