Why You Should Consider Preparing for IAS Online

If you are planning to appear for the Civil Service Examination (CSE) held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), then you must prepare yourself for an extended period of diligent studying. The recruitment for the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) is done through this examination. The entire selection process for the IAS also is a long drawn one. You will have to first appear for a written preliminary examination. The preliminary examination consists of two papers. After clearing it, you will have to look for the main examination, wherein you will have to take nine papers. The final step of the review is a ‘Personality Test’ or a personal interview, where a panel of interviewers will evaluate your aptitude as an IAS officer. Once selected, you will be notified and sent for training. Simple as it may sound, preparing, and clearing the entire process of the IAS examination can be quite rigorous and easier said than done. Thus, proper preparation is the only way to crack the exam. Some of the reasons as to why you should consider preparing for the IAS on your own are as follows:

1. Extensive information online

There is a plethora of information about IAS and its preparation available online. If you are planning to prepare for the CSE on your own, then the first thing you should do is go online and check out the Video Lectures for ias. Some of these videos will discuss the intricacies of the examination, which will give you an idea as to how you should prepare for the separate sections of the CSE. Since information is abundant online, you could consider depending on the Internet for your IAS preparation. You will find video lectures dealing specifically with subjects that you will have to appear for under the mains of the CSE as well as the preliminary section of the examination. You will also find information dealing with how to prepare for the IAS interview online. Thus, preparing completely for all sections of the IAS examination, with the help of the Internet is no longer a challenge.

2. Help you identify your strengths and weaknesses

Online video lectures can also guide you regarding the different methods that you should adopt to prepare for the examination. For example, the first step to preparing for the CSE is identifying your strengths and weaknesses. There are specific Video Lectures for ias that deal with various methods that you can adopt to identify the particular areas that are your strengths and your weaknesses. Sometimes students attending the traditional format of IAS coaching centers mention that teachers find it hard to guide students to identify their strengths and weaknesses individually. But if you develop an analytical mindset, you will find easily be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses.  In such a scenario, you will not have to depend on another person to identify it for you. By attending these online lectures, you can quickly develop an analytical mindset and identify your weaknesses. Once you have identified your gaps in your IAS preparation, you can easily overcome these.

3. Planning your schedule

The most significant advantage of preparing for the CSE by yourself is that you do not have to prepare for the test as per a program designed by an educational organization. Instead, you can create your schedule that meets your requirements exactly. Students preparing for the examination often mention that enrolling in a traditional IAS coaching center means they have to attend classes regularly. Students often say that if they miss a single day’s lesson, then they fall behind in their preparation. But this will not be the case if you enroll yourself online ias coaching. If you are unable to attend the live session of a particular class, you can always go back and watch the recorded session from the archive of the online coaching site that you have enrolled for.

Additionally, you can choose a package that suits your time and budgetary constraints. Such websites offer numerous packages, like ones that provide fast track IAS preparation, in-depth preparation, and even subject-specific preparation. Depending on the type of preparatory help that you require, you can choose a particular package. After that, you can plan a schedule that meets your requirements. This flexibility in designing your program will make it easy for you to prepare for the CSE. Students often mention that preparing for the CSE is quite hectic, and flexibility of schedule can prove to be quite helpful to reduce stress related to preparing for the examination.

4. Availability of study materials

If you enroll in an online ias coaching center, you will gain access to numerous online study materials. Some coaching centers also allow you to download these study materials so that you can study these when you find the time. This facility will enable you to make maximum use of the free time available. You can now review the study materials even while traveling. For example, some online ias coaching centers have developed their specific mobile applications. You can download and install these apps onto your mobile devices. This means that even while traveling, you can read the study materials, listen to lectures, or read the latest information about the CSE.

Moreover, these centers also have extensive online libraries where you can gain access to a vast amount of study materials related to the individual subjects under CSE. Say, for instance, you are looking specifically for study materials for Paper I of the IAS examination. Then search specifically for that under the study materials for the center which you have enrolled in. Similarly, you will have study materials for the nine papers under the mains section of the CSE. Online coaching centers also upload documents and guidelines to help students prepare for the personal interviews or the final stage of the IAS examination.

5. Time-saving

The most significant advantage of online coaching is time-saving. Students preparing for the IAS examination often mention that time management is essential to ace the test. Hence, you must find methods to save time. One of the easiest ways of doing so is to enroll in an online CSE preparatory center. Since you will no longer have to travel to attend classes because the classes are being held online, you will find that you have a lot of time on hand. You can use this time to concentrate on preparing for the IAS examination in a better manner.

Additionally, you can now allocate more time to concentrating on subjects that you are weak. This will help you become more confident about the examination as a whole. Confidence is essential to ace the test. If you can convert your weaknesses into strengths, by practice and hard work, you will perform better in the CSE. Hence, it is essential to find methods to save time during your preparation for the CSE, and one of the best ways for it would be by enrolling in an online coaching center. The online coaching centers also have specific practice modules for the separate sections of the CSE papers. You can take these practice modules, within the specified time limit to evaluate your performance adequately. These practice modules will also help you understand the areas in which you are strong and the areas in which you are weak. Based on your performance can manage your IAS preparation. Moreover, there is no specific number of times you can take the practice modules. You can take these till you become perfect in the examination.

6. Ideal for working candidates

If you are working, but you wish to appear for the IAS examination for a better career option, then time management is of vital importance. Working candidates often do not want to give up on their jobs, but at the same time wish to prepare diligently for their IAS examinations. In such a scenario, enrolling for an online IAS coaching center is the best possible option for such candidates. Online coaching classes offer you the flexibility to schedule your classes, and additionally, you will not be required to attend classes physically. Hence, you will be able to prepare for the test and not give up your job.

Moreover, you will also receive adequate guidance from online counselors and teachers. Sometimes online coaching centers allow working candidates to schedule special classes with their teachers and guides. This is especially helpful if you are falling back in your IAS preparation. These special classes will help you move ahead with your training and, once again, come on par with the rest of the candidates in your class.

Thus, online coaching centers provide complete support to students preparing for the CSE. They understand that preparing for the IAS examination can prove to be quite strenuous, and hence, candidates require comprehensive assistance. Therefore, right from providing adequate study materials to video lectures, guidance, counseling, practice tests, and regular session, online coaching centers offer complete and comprehensive support to all students.

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