BSc Full Form: BSC is stand for Bachelor of Science, Choosing the right career path is crucial, especially when a student completes the 12th. You see, huge numbers of students prefer BSc over other courses. Most people choose these courses to get different opportunities.

BSc Full form

Well, is BSc worthy enough? Do you think you can really get a job after completing a BSc? If you have these questions, we can clear your doubts. That’s why we will share some crucial information about this degree. If you are completing 12th and confused about your future, keep reading our guide. 

About BSc

Bachelor of Science or BSc is one of the most prestigious academic degrees in India. A student can be awarded a BSc after completing a three-year course. This course is specialized in the science and technology field.

However, there are so many options available under BSc including Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Nursing, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Agriculture, Social Science, and many more.

The first BSc candidate was from the University of London. You see, there are two types of BSc courses; Honours and General. BSc Honours is an advanced course in a particular subject.

Eligibility of BSc

If you are ready to pursue a BSc degree, you have to know about the eligibility criteria. As we noted above, you have to complete your 12th to get admission. Plus, you have to take science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math in your 12th standard.

However, the subject requirements can vary for special courses. On the other hand, some BSc courses are available with an entrance exam. On the other hand, you have to score at least 50 to 60% to get a Bachelor of Science course.

If you choose a BSc Honours course, the requirements of the mark can be higher. In this case, you have to check the university’s requirements.

Future After BSc

Now, the most important part. Is there a future after BSc? Students and parents often ask this question. The point is it totally depends on the student’s quality, the subject, and the university. 

Many students pursue a higher degree after completing BSc. It can give them better job opportunities. On the other hand, many people get top-level jobs with just a BSc degree. For example, most prestigious central and state government jobs are available with graduation.

Hence, there are many private sectors that provide jobs for BSc candidates. In simple words, it’s each student’s choice to pursue the career path as per their interest and knowledge. Some of the best BSc job profiles are teacher, researcher, lecturer, and chemist.


BSc Full Form: What’s great about a BSc degree is it has so many scopes. Now, it depends on which subject you are choosing. Some people can get a good job after completing a three-year course while some people have to study more to get an opportunity. In this case, you have to do some research before choosing your course.  


Is BSc good after the 12th?

Yes, after completing the 12th, BSc is one of the most chosen options for students. Most people choose 3 years of graduation course.

Is BSc a degree or diploma?

BSc is an undergraduate degree, so it’s not a diploma course.

Will I get a job after my BSc?

Yes, of course, you can. Students who complete BSc can choose several career options.

Which degree is best after the 12th?

There are numerous options available after the 12th. To get the best opportunities, a student can choose BSc, MBBS, LLB, B.Tech, and BBA courses.

Which BSc course has the highest salary?

Some of the high-paying BSc courses are Biochemistry, Nursing, Forensic Science, Clinical Research, and Optometry.

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