An Indian non-metropolitan district’s SP is a law enforcement officer who serves as the head of the district’s police force. A superintendent of police is a member of the Indian police force who works for either the state or national government.

The SP is the individual in charge of enforcing the law and preventing illegal or terrorist activity inside the jurisdiction.

It is up to the Superintendent of police to supervise all police officers, from the constable to an ASP. The Indian police force uses the term “Superintendent” in various ways, including the Assistant Superintendent of Police and the Superintendent of Police (ASP). Officers in charge of policing, including the SP and DSP (DSP).

Regarding the use of SP in the police

A district’s police force in India is led by a senior superintendent of police (SP) in densely populated areas, the Superintendent of Police (SP) in rural areas, or the Superintendent of Police (SP) in areas affected by the Naxal in Indian states.

It is usually the super chief of police who oversees a large area across a district. In the case of a senior police officer (SP) who is in charge of the entire force. The superintending police officer is in charge of a much wider rural or urban region in a smaller district.In metropolitan areas with a police commissioner-ate system, the DCP holds the rank of Superintendent.

What it takes to become an SP

To become an S.P. (Superintendent of Police), students must first obtain a high school diploma from a recognized board and then complete their graduation from a recognized board or institute of higher learning. To become an S.P., you must meet certain academic requirements.

Once the pupils meet these qualifications, they will have three options to pick from:

  • The first choice is to take the UPSC CSAT, also known as the Civil Services Aptitude Test, and get a score of at least 100 out of 200. As part of the UPSC Preliminary exam, candidates are expected to prepare for this test thoroughly. Students who have cleared all three phases of the UPSCC are eligible to apply for the IPS position.
  • The students are usually given the designations of D.S.P. or ACP. after passing the exam.

There are a few exceptions to this rule, however:

  • Alternatively, students can prepare for and pass the State Public Service Commission Examination, which is offered in several states and can lead to jobs as high-ranking as the Deputy Secretary of State.
  • However, the promotion process is more time-consuming than the first choice.
  • This is the final option, and it involves becoming a sub-inspector with the State Police. As a Sub-Inspector, they are expected to put in long hours and solve crimes with a passion and commitment. One who observes the regulations and obligations can aim for a promotion to a higher rank.
  • An SI can also be promoted to a senior investigator (SI) or a director of intelligence (DIG) in the Central Intelligence Agency (CBI).

Assertion of SP

  • The responsibilities of a superintendent of police differ depending on the type of work they are assigned to. SP is primarily responsible for the following:
  • Police and public relations are maintained and improved through the SP’s efforts.
  • Maintaining excellent relations with the judiciary and other public officials is a priority for SP.
  • The SP is responsible for ensuring that the police force and team are well-coordinated, efficient, and well-trained. •
  • SP oversees the effectiveness of the police force under his command in terms of crime prevention, investigation, and detection.
  • Ensure the honesty and integrity of police personnel in training with SP.
  • Because of his position of authority, SP moves an underlying police officer from one station to another.
  • Checking the attention and attendance of the workers at a police station is a regular occurrence for the SP.
  • Superintend of police is obligated to visit the crime scene and supervise investigations in incidents such as robbery and highway murders.


Who is the higher SP or DSP?

SP is a higher rank of a police officer than DSP or Deputy Superintend of the Police (DSP).

In its complete form, what is SP?

The Superintendent of Police is referred to as SP, and the Station House Officer is referred to as SHO.

What is the real name of SHO? When I’m in command of a police station, I’m known as SHO. The SHO oversees the police station’s operations and ensures that the law is upheld in the region under his jurisdiction.