How To Clear The IAS Exam In The Very First Attempt Itself

You might have decided to prepare for and clear the IAS Exam in the very first attempt itself. But so have many others! What is it that makes a few IAS aspirants successfully realize their ambition whereas the majority fails? 

Tips to Crack the IAS Exam

The preparation strategies hold the key to success for the IAS aspirants. However, it should be remembered that you should be making a few considerations while preparing for the IAS Exam. It will help you not only to prepare in a flawless manner, but also acquire an enviable score. And it’s your score that finally matters, for UPSC allows only the highest of the rank holders to join IAS.

Thus, a few tips as specified below would surely help you crack the Exam with a greater ease and a higher score.

1.  Thoroughly Clear Concepts

You can accomplish a task in a flawless manner when you understand the nature of the job thoroughly well. Needless to say, answering the question papers in the Prelims and the mains would definitely be easier when you comprehend  well what the question actually aims at.

It only implies that you should prepare for the impending IAS Exam in a manner so that all your basic concepts are crystal clear. When there is no confusion and you get to understand what all you had been studying with crystal clarity, you would be better able to understand the kind of the answer that UPSC expects from you when you face the Civil Services Exam.

2. Do not ignore preparing well for the Prelims:

And what should be noted with utmost sincerity is that preparation for the Prelims should not be taken for granted. Most of the candidates treat Prelims quite lightly. They are of the opinion that as Prelims is the qualifying Exam, so they need not put in too many hours of study in order to prepare for it.

But, it’s advisable to get to understand all the concepts thoroughly well both for the Prelims as well as the Mains. It’s highly essential for if you do not qualify the Prelims, UPSC would simply not allow you to go ahead with The Mains.

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3. Regularly Made Revisions:

When you revise regularly, howsoever clear your knowledge of a concept might be, it gets clearer with every revision. The more you revise, the better you get to know about your own shortcomings. Thus, every revision provides you with an opportunity to get back to the basic concepts and read it once again as required, in case, you have forgotten something.

4. Crisp & Precise Notes:

The notes that you prepare should be brief and to the point. These crisp and precise notes make the revisions easier and faster specifically when there is not much of the time left before the Exams. And it’s worth noting that you need to keep yourself calm and relaxed when the Exam starts approaching fast. Thus, you would not be able to re-read the entire study material. And these are your notes that would be of great help to you whenever you revise, specifically when there is not much left before the Exam.

5. Past Years’ Papers:

Solving the past few years’ Papers gives you a broad idea of the IAS Exam pattern. And, if UPSC has produced any changes, you would be getting to know about that as well by answering the questions from the past years’ Papers. And there is more to it. If you solve the question papers in the same time frame as allowed by UPSC, you will be better equipped to face the IAS Exam with a greater confidence.

6. Stay fit and fine:

Finally, observe all the tips given above. You may add your own ideas to the list as well. But, it’s best to see to it that you do not suffer on any account on grounds of health. If you fall ill frequently or you are anemic or suffer from any kind of ailment, you would not be able to prepare well for the IAS Exam, anyway.

So, eat well and sleep well.There is an old saying that a sound mind resides in a sound body. And proper diet and sound sleep are highly essential for a sound health. So, apart from taking nutritious meals on time, it’s good to sleep well, if you do not want to keep yawning while studying. Besides, if you sleep well, you would be better able to focus on what the faculty members teach in the classroom sessions.

7. Maintain the focus:

You need to focus absolutely on your goal, i.e., clearing the IAS Exam. Do all what you find logically feasible to maintain a steady focus. For example, not allowing any of the daily disturbances, including frequent ringing of the phone and going for a walk with friends to eat into your time can go a great way.

Besides, as already said earlier, waking up in the morning after having slept soundly is sure to improve your concentration. And with a perfect concentration and a sharp focus, it gets easier to clear an Exam and also score well, howsoever difficult it might be. And the same applies to the IAS Exam as well.

Finally, believe in yourself. If you enjoy a great self-confidence, you would, of course, be able to prepare well for the IAS Exam. Besides, you would also feel optimistic and enjoy a positive self image. However, it’s best not to overlook your drawbacks while you go ahead with the preparation of the IAS Exam. All said, and done, it’s you who has to make sure that you do not waste even a second of your time for unless and until you can’t discipline yourself, you can’t prepare well to clear the CSE. Time management is something highly crucial. Besides, it’s only a disciplined individual who makes an efficient administrator. And your time management would of course help you prepare well for the IAS Exam with a great success.

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