All the IAS Aspirants Usually get Bored With the CSE Pattern are in for a change!

UPSC Might Switch over to the Online Exams!

An IAS aspirant, more often than not, gets bored with the monotonous routine while preparing for and facing the Civil Services Exam. Besides, it’s not unlikely for a candidate aspiring to clear the CSE to feel unnerved and stressed in the CSE Examination Hall. What if you can face the Exam while staying cool, calm and relaxed and without feeling unnerved in the least and yet go ahead with the Exam? That can be possible if you do not have to step into the Examination Hall!

What if UPSC allows you to face the CSE online! That seems to be possible if UPSC’s plan for the same goes ahead successfully! Thus, there might be a big change in the near future for the IAS aspirants aiming at clearing the CSE.

As per The Times of India, the Chairperson, Union Public Service Commission, the topmost Government Recruitment Agency plans to switch over to conducting the examinations online. Thus, you might not have to face all the blues that candidates usually do because of the very thought that they have to be in the Examination Hall facing the Exam! As you would be answering the CSE online, you are bound to feel more relaxed. And that only serves to enhance your performance. Doesn’t it?

How is switching over to the online manner of conducting the CSE supposed to benefit both the students and UPSC?

  1. Reduce the stress faced by the candidates: It’s one of the major objectives of UPSC behind planning to conduct the Civil Services Exam online. While facing the Exam online, a candidate is very likely to be greatly relieved of the stress that he usually feels during facing the same Exam offline. And who can forget that it is none other than the Civil Services Exam? Thus, the stress a candidate feels while facing the Exam is also likely to be a considerable one.
  2. Making the entire process candidate friendly: Conducting the Exam online makes the entire process candidate friendly. An IAS aspirant who finds the system of conducting the Exam a friendly one is more likely to recall all that he has been reading and studying with greater ease rather than an individual who feels like panicking in the usual environment of a traditional Examination Hall.
  3. A model guideline across the board: The online system of conducting the Exam focuses on the technical, legal and the statutory aspects of the Exam with reference to developing a standard operating procedure across the board.

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Besides, here’s what the Chairman, Odisha Public Services Commission, Brigadier (Retd) Laxmi Charan Patnaik says, “We discussed on technical, legal and statutory aspects of the examinations and how to make it candidate-friendly and work on developing a model guideline. By making the exam online the candidates would be able to see the answer sheets, if they have any doubt.”

Thus, the new online model of conducting the Civil Services Exam, though yet under consideration also aims at maintaining the transparency specifically for the sake of the Civil Services aspirants. Moreover, the members of the commissions in attendance also considered evaluating the answer sheets digitally.

Switching over the Civil Services Exam pattern from the pen and paper model to the digital one might put the candidates at great ease. It may also take a considerable work load off UPSC for the answer sheet would be evaluated digitally.

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