ISO Full Form: ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization; it is an independent worldwide organization that is a non-profitable, non-governmental agency. ISO provides international standards for all organizations. 

If any product or service is ISO certified then it is considered to be trusted and safe for use. This indicates that whenever you buy a product that has ISO certification then you can be assured that it is genuine and safe for use. 

ISO is the largest developer and publisher of international standards, ISO has a network of nearly 165 countries all over the world. It is known that ISO is in use since 23rd Feb 1947 and since then it is providing services of trust and reliability. 

ISO certification:

ISO certification means that the product of the manufacturer is reliable and safe to use. ISO will study in detail all the documentation, procedure and process of development before giving the certificate. To date ISO has published more than 19500 international standards for different organizations. This certification includes many industries of technology, healthcare, agriculture, food safety, etc. 

When was ISO started and why?

As mentioned above ISO was started in the year 1947, it was founded by a group of delegates of 25 countries. Since then ISO formed a proper committee to publish an international standard for every aspect taking care of good quality and service. 

The ISO 9001 is a famous and well-known standard nowadays, followed by many manufacturers and industries. The reason why ISO was invented was to ensure that the products made are suitable for use and trusted. 

The ISO is funded by many organizations, member bodies and experts who provide technical work. 

Benefits of ISO: ISO Full Form

If the product gets the ISO certification then it has the following benefits:

· If the product is made up to the standards then there is less wastage of the products.

· Through ISO the product can get global recognition. 

· The manufacturers will get more profit, productivity and efficiency. 

· There is a chance to avail better management.

· They can avail compatibility with all the other ISO standards. 

· Through ISO both big and small organizations are suitable for all kinds.

· All the problems can be tackled easily with strong solutions through ISO.

· ISO increases the connectivity of industries and customers.

· There is an increase in the loyalty of the customers.

· ISO increases employee involvement.

· All the employees can connect more with the company and their product. 

ISO standards certificates:

 • ISO 9000

• ISO 10012

• ISO 14000

• ISO 19011

• ISO 2768

• ISO 31000

• ISO 50001

• ISO 4217

Whenever the manufacturer introduces a new product that is certified by the ISO then they can easily win the trust of their clients without more effort. Through this trust, there will be an increase in sales and then profit for the entire business. Apart from providing a quality certificate for the business, ISO will also provide benefits to all the customers like:

· Easy and simple communication and reporting

· Making fewer mistakes

· Availing good quality products and services

· ISO provides on-time delivery and scheduling

The ISO is, directly and indirectly, working on setting a benchmark for ensuring good quality services. The ISO is proven to be beneficial for the companies as well as the customers. For getting the ISO certification, there has to be a certain process that needs to be followed. Firstly the company must create an application or a contract between the applicant and the registrar. Then those documents will be reviewed and studied through an action plan covering all the major areas of interest. Then the auditing will start which will take a few stages to get completed. 

Once the auditing is done the registrar will issue the ISO certificate to the company approving the product to be safe and ready for use. 

Types of ISO Standards:

There are basically four types of ISO:

1.   ISO 9000

2.   ISO 31000

3.   ISO/IEC 27000

4.   ISO 22000

FAQs: ISO Full Form

Q1. What do you mean by ISO certified company?

A1. ISO certified company indicates that all the products of the company are safe for use and genuine. There are no fraudulent practices involved in the making of the product thus making it suitable for people’s use.

Q2. Who gives ISO certification?

A2. ISO certification is given by the members of the registration bodies known as CBS. They are independent of ISO and check every detail of the product before issuing the ISO certificate. 

Q3. Why is ISO certification important for any product or service?

A3. Whenever the new product is certified by the ISO then there is an increase of trust by the customers. It gives surety to all the customers saying that the particular product is safe and good for us. 

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