How Good is the Elite IAS Test Series?

Significance of Test series in UPSC Preparation: –

IAS Test Series – The UPSC Exam preparation is a process of continuous self-evaluation. At every stage of Prelims, Mains and Personality Test this exam checks the ability of the aspirants to retain the information and apply it appropriately.  UPSC exam ensures that the aspirants are essentially fitting to comprehend the context of any issue in multidimensional view.

Test series are the most trusted tool of self-evaluation for civil service aspirants. Test series guides an aspirant to understand the depth of his preparation. It develops an attitude to analyse any issue with different angles. It assists the aspirants by giving ordinary time-bound subject targets. Additionally, it also helps the aspirants in breaking down difficult areas of study.

IAS Test series helps the civil service aspirants to become more familiar with both your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, the test series gives an aspirant a fair measure of thought concerning every single pieces of the foundation for UPSC.

Does and Don’t while taking Test Series: –

Does: –

  • Do integrate your study schedule with regular subject wise tests.
  • Practice solving Multiple Choice questions by analysing each option.
  • Do as many of the online or offline practice tests you can to improve your score.
  • Make sure the quality of Test series should be strictly as per UPSC exam pattern.
  • Review the test paper thoroughly and understand the weak areas of your preparation.

Don’t: –

  • Don’t cram the study into one or two months. It will only create a stressful burden.
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in Test series. It will save you from making mistakes in the actual exams.
  • Don’t get worried about test series score. Focus on analysing the various factors.

Why Elite IAS Test Series?

The IAS Test Series we give at Elite IAS has been carefully planned by a group of specialists and educators. Elite IAS test series ensures efficient involvement with investigating the UPSC assessment methods.

The major rationale behind this test series is to teach the propensity for normal practice among the aspirants. These tests set by our group requires both reasonable ability and insightful capacity. This test will assist aspirants in getting an edge in the Preliminary examination. Besides, they will be building the bedrock for groundwork for the Main test.

Elite IAS test series strictly follow the UPSC exam pattern for Prelims and mains test series. These tests dealt with suitable weightage given to every one of the static subjects and Current Affairs. These tests will serve multiple benefits to the aspirants such as getting information not available in standard books, time management practice etc.

Some essential features of Elite IAS test Series are as follows: –

Time Management: –

The Elite IAS test series will help the aspirants to practice solving the paper in fixed time. Besides, they will also help to cover all subjects in a specific time. The aspirants will be able to complete the syllabus in reliable time frame.

2. Increase speed with accuracy: –

The Elite IAS test series for UPSC exam will ensure that the aspirants complete more questions in less time. While increasing the speed of solving questions it will also focus on the accuracy.

Retain consistency: –

Consistency is the most vital trait to have if you want to pass the UPSC examination. With continuous guidance and precise test schedule provided by Elite IAS, maintaining consistency will become easy.

Gain More information: –

The UPSC aspirants requires dwelling into a vast syllabus. Sometimes it becomes difficult to retain all the information from different sources at one place. The solution to this problem is Elite IAS Test Explanation. This material is made by consolidating various sources.

For example, an aspirant refers to Spectrum Book for History topic Revolt of 1857. He did not go through the other reference book like Plassey to partition. The aspirants will get all the details of Revolt of 1857 consolidated at one place in Elite IAS test series explanation.

Handle exam stress: –

The aspirants will get the best results only if they will be able to solve the examination papers with calm and quiet mindset. The aspirants should be mentally prepared for the UPSC question paper in the examination hall. To make the aspirants exam-ready, Elite IAS Test series will provide them a real-time exam mindset.

Self-Analysis: –

Scoring well in a mock test gives aspirants an opportunity to analyse themselves. This will boost their confidence level. Their concepts will be clearer, and they will have more faith in themselves.

Test-Based-Learning Approach: –

Elite IAS test series are based on the Test based learning approach. This will ensure that the aspirants are testing their knowledge and upgrading their performance at the same time.

Understanding the trend: –

The UPSC Civil Services Examination (Both Prelims and Mains) have evolved considerably over the last decade. The Elite IAS test series are designed to cope up with the changing trend of UPSC exams. It provides insights of how the pattern has changed over the years. This would give you a fair idea of the requirement of the UPSC examinations.

Salient Features of Elite IAS Test Series

  • The program features offered by CL’s test series are:
  • Mock tests Identical to UPSC Pattern
  • Prelims and Mains Mock Tests
  • Sectional Test based on NCERT, India Year Book.
  • Current Affairs Sectional Test from The Hindu, PIB, PRS, Govt Ministries.
  • Separate tests of Budget, Economic survey & Govt Schemes.
  • All India Ranking
  • In-depth Analysis after each test.
  • Language – In both Hindi & English Medium
  • Available in both online & offline mode.

Mock tests are an important device to comprehend what is absent in aspirants’ preparations. It helps to understand the progressions aspirants need to make in the manner to handle during the genuine UPSC test. Mock Tests go far in assisting aspirants with procuring the abilities of imprint bringing.

All UPSC Toppers concede to the significance of the test series. It gives you a satisfactory act of taking care of sudden inquiries tossed at you in the test. Mock Tests help you upgrade your abilities and taking care of capacity.

Practice is another significant factor of the UPSC Test Series. The civil service aspirants should take advantage of practising through test series. Only practice will help the aspirants to gain edge over the UPSC Preparation. As it is likely to have said that,

Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

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