Daily Answer Writing for UPSC –22nd July 2023

Question: Discuss the concept of delimitation and its significance in electoral processes. How does delimitation impact the political representation and democratic functioning of a country? (250 WORDS)

Delimitation is the process of redrawing electoral boundaries to ensure fair representation and equitable distribution of seats in legislative bodies. It is an essential aspect of electoral processes as it directly impacts the political representation and democratic functioning of a country. Delimitation aims to maintain the principle of “one person, one vote” by allocating seats based on the population of each constituency.


  • Equitable Representation: Delimitation ensures fair representation by allocating seats based on population density, preventing vote dilution.
  • Representation of Marginalized Communities: Delimitation has played a vital role in enhancing the representation of marginalized communities in India. For instance, constituencies with a significant tribal population were created to ensure their political empowerment and adequate representation in legislative bodies.
  • Prevention of Gerrymandering: In 2019, India’s Election Commission conducted a delimitation exercise in the state of Jammu and Kashmir following its reorganization into two Union Territories. This process aimed to prevent gerrymandering and ensure fair political representation in the newly formed Union Territories.
  • Enhancing Democratic Accountability: Well-defined constituencies foster better communication between representatives and constituents, promoting accountability.
  • Promoting Political Competition: Balanced delimitation encourages political competition and diverse representation.

Impact on Political Representation and Democratic Functioning:

  • Enhanced Inclusivity: Proper delimitation ensures that marginalized communities and regions receive adequate representation in legislative bodies, fostering inclusivity in decision-making.
  • Fair Elections: Equitable delimitation ensures that votes have a similar weight across constituencies, promoting fair elections and preventing electoral distortions.
  • Strengthened Political Institutions: By establishing a transparent and impartial delimitation process, trust in political institutions and the electoral system is strengthened, enhancing the overall democratic functioning of the country.

Delimitation plays a crucial role in shaping the democratic fabric of a nation. By ensuring equal representation, reflecting demographic changes, and preventing gerrymandering, it upholds the principles of fairness and inclusivity in the electoral processes. A well-executed delimitation process contributes to robust political representation, strengthens democratic accountability, and promotes effective governance in a country.

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