How To Begin To Prepare For The IAS Exam?

Preparation For The IAS Exam: Beginning well always makes it easier to move ahead with greater success specifically when you are going to prepare for the IAS Exam. However, most of the time, it’s easy said than done.

The IAS aspirants are usually confused how to begin to prepare for the IAS Exam? However, a well opted for IAS Coaching Academy in Delhi can come to your rescue by simplifying most of the complexities that you might encounter otherwise to prepare well for the CSE.

What Leaves the Beginners Perplexed?

Almost all of the beginners, or for that matter, any candidate aiming at joining the Indian Administrative Services feel overwhelmed by the unusually hard competition. Besides, the syllabus that Union Public Service Commission prescribes for CSE is unusually hard. The complexities (apart from the ones stated above) of the entire preparation to crack the IAS Exam often confuse an aspirant’s mind. As a result, it’s usually not an easy task for him to decide how to begin well in the first place itself.

What Worries the Candidates the Most?

The perplexing factors are several and of various kinds. The Civil Services aspirants are worried over how to study. Besides, most of the times, they are not sure what should they actually study. The syllabus is too vast and too complex to finalize the books and the study material easily.

And these are only a few of the complexities faced by a Civil Services aspirant. He usually comes across many more while beginning with the preparation; let alone completing the same confidently.

What Should You Consider Before Beginning with the Preparation?

There is a famous adage that says that well begun is half done. And the same applies to an IAS aspirant as well who is on the verge of beginning to prepare for the CSE. However, if you want to begin well, making a few considerations listed below would definitely help you.

1. Seek the Right Kind of Guidance

Seeking the right kind of guidance to taste success requires patience. So, do not be in a hurry to run to anybody and everybody seeking the guidance.

More often than not, an impulsive attitude would only allow many to misguide you. Besides, you would also be likely to be making futile efforts that would ultimately serve no purpose towards making a successful beginning to prepare for the IAS Exam.

2. Get Familiar with all the Latest UPSC Requirements:

The sooner you get familiar with the latest UPSC CSE requirements, the better it would be for you to begin well and continue successfully with the preparation for the same. You might need to consider if UPSC has made any changes in the:
a) CSE Syllabus
b) Exam Patterns
c) Types of the questions, etc.

3. Be Thoroughly Aware of the Eligibility Criteria:

For the beginners going to face the Civil Services Exam for the first time, it would suffice to be 21 at least and a graduate, (apart from fulfilling all other conditions specified by UPSC, of course). But, in case, you have already faced the IAS Exam once or more, it would be advisable to be aware of the eligibility criteria laid by UPSC Concerning the upper age limit, and the total number of attempts allowed etc.

4. It Pays to be Realistic:

You might have been exceptionally brilliant all through your student life. You might also be employed well with decently paying job. But, it is in your own interest to be realistic.

It is advisable to keep in mind that out of the huge multitudes, only a few clear the Prelims successfully. And by the time, UPSC declares the CSE result, the number of the successful candidates is reduced to a great extent.
Thus, it is better not to entertain great expectations for successfully cracking the IAS Exam is a task easy said than done. However, it would also be far from being logical if you underestimate your worth. It would be logical if you begin well and continue well with the Exam preparation keeping in mind that CSE is the hardest of the hard competitions across the entire nation.

5. Look for a Suitable IAS Coaching Institution:

Even if you are keenly fond of self-study, it is advisable to look for a suitable IAS coaching institution. Time is one of the most crucial resources that not only runs out, but is getting depleted every moment. It’s a continuous process nobody can stop.

Thus, in case, if you opt for an IAS coaching institution after considering all your requirements to begin well for the Exam, you would discover to your great delight that most of the complexities involved in the preparation would be taken care of automatically.

Conclusion: Preparation For The IAS Exam

It always pays to hope for the best and keep yourself ready for the worst! Of course, you should never give up. But you should not entertain the idea that cracking the IAS Exam is going to be an easy task either.

It is good to always remember that:

  1. the competition is going to be exceptionally fierce,
  2. the UPSC syllabus too vast, and
  3. the preparation for the Exam full of complexities.

Of course, you are fully entitled to dream of joining the Indian Administrative Services. But, it would be wiser that you make a good start so that preparation for the Exam goes ahead successfully.

And one is always better able to crack none other than the IAS Exam only after he considers all that is required and strategizes to begin well accordingly. Though the majority is not able to qualify the Prelims year after year, there are the successful candidates as well. If you would like your name to appear among them, take all the requirements into consideration in order to begin well and success can be yours!

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