Why do All Prefer Civil Services Instead of the Private Jobs?

Civil Services vs. Private Jobs
Civil Services vs. Private Jobs

Civil Services vs. Private Jobs: It is no secret that the majority prefers the Civil Services over the private jobs. It’s far easier to find a private job, and albeit a good one, in order to assure that you live a comfortable life. And materializing one’s ambition to be a Civil Servant does require a lot of hard work.

Yet what is it that makes the most prefer the Civil Services over the Private jobs?

Civil Services vs. Private Jobs

Civil Services vs. Private Jobs: Though the youth is easily lured by the charm of the Civil Services, it might imply a hard, and at times, even a boring schedule. You might be spending years that follow, within the premises of the same building at work. To most, it may signify boredom with no thrill left in the life at all.

And, still, the point to be noted is that given a choice, almost all of the educated Indian youths would prefer opting for a Civil Service rather than a private job.

What is it that tilts the balance in the favour of the Civil Services rather than the Private Jobs?

The balance does usually tilt in the favour of the Civil Services. It is a usually accepted fact that nobody willingly opts for the Private Jobs. Most of the candidates also get highly lucrative jobs offered by the most prestigious of the corporate (read business) houses. But the offers are, more often than not, turned down for the sake of an undisturbed preparation for the Civil Services Exam.

And, what counts more, people are never tired of the repeated attempts to clear the Civil Services Exam. And you are very likely to get acquainted with many like-minded people (while preparing for the CSE) who might have been attempting to clear the IAS Exam repeatedly. You might also come across a number of the IAS aspirants who come back home from abroad simply to study well in order to crack the Civil services Exam.

Here are the major reasons that make the Civil Services the most coveted ones in India

1. The Very Preparation for the CSE Enriches Your Personality:

Well, almost all would agree that preparing for the Civil Services Exam is not an easy task. Most of the IAS aspirants feel like as if they are going through an ordeal while preparing for the CSE in its complete entirety.

However, the point to be noted is that the preparation itself, irrespective of whether you clear the CSE or not, is an excellent experience in itself to enrich your personality. And there are various reasons to support the very same opinion.

The major ones are listed below:

  • You get to read a lot
  • You gain the most authentic of the knowledge about multiple subjects as your preparation for the CSE moves forward
  • You learn to manage your time. Otherwise, it would simply be far from being possible to study all what the UPSC syllabus prescribes.

Though you may feel grinded by the routine, your entire personality is polished in the process.

2. X-Factor:

There is a great X-Factor that surrounds almost all of the Civil Servants. They are responsible for:

  • Creating and implementing various government policies
  • Discussing various problems faced by the nation and finding the applicable solutions

There have been many of the IAS and the IPS officers who are highly respected for their heroic and brave acts while on duty only to serve the society! And needless to say, they serve as role models for those to come.

3. The Perks:

Though the Corporate World has been evolving at a great pace, it is far from offering most of the perks that the government offers to the Civil Servants. You simply have to focus on the work, forgetting all the financial worries.

4. You are considered an Asset:

Being employed as a Civil Servant provides you with a great opportunity to serve the nation. No wonder, you are treated as an asset. In sharp contrast to career stability and the respect enjoyed by a Civil Servant, the Private Jobs come nowhere near it!

5. A continuous evolutionary process: 

The Indian Civil Services require you to be posted to various departments. Needless to say, various members in various departments are required to attend to projects of different types.

And there may be times, when you would discover it for yourself that the very requirements to look after various projects help you learn a lot. Thus, it would not be improper to say, by any means that the Indian Civil Services help you go through a continuous evolutionary process.

Besides, the opportunities that gain for further Education, apart from experience are remarkable.

Civil Services and Private Jobs: The experience that you gain as a Civil Servant on the foreign tours helps you learn the best of the techniques and implement them back in India. Besides, as a representative of the Indian Government, you may opt for the higher education in various universities across the world.

To sum up, the Indian Civil Services help you serve the nation at various platforms. Clearing the Civil Services Exam is not an easy task, albeit. But, then, who said that getting a job that helps you earn well, provides you with various opportunities to serve the nation, enrich your personality, and be highly respected by the society had ever been an easy task?

But, once you clear the Civil Services Exam, you would feel yourself richly rewarded for all the effort you had put in to prepare for the same. Apart from what you earn, you enjoy all the plus points as stated above. Besides, there is the immense satisfaction that you have been contributing to the well-being and development of the society. It wins you the respect of the nation. No wonder, many of the Civil Servants have been exemplary for they are treated as the role models by the Indian citizens. Apart from making a good career, if you can motivate others as well, there is simply nothing like that!

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