Best books for UPSC IAS Prelims and Mains Exam Preparation

Books for UPSC: When it comes to preparing a UPSC Civil Services booklist, you may find yourself purchasing every book in the bookstore. But wait, you need to narrow down your choices and get your hands on the best ones. So, when you eventually sit down with those books to read, ideas like “too many books, too little time” can make you feel stressed!

As a result, to make you worry a little less and study a bit more, we’ve developed an exhaustive UPSC booklist that toppers recommend. To guarantee that you don’t stray too far from the core material, you should stick to a specific UPSC book list. It is important to note that you are not required to read all of the books in their full. Make sure to get our micro topics syllabus PDF and read the books on the UPSC booklist that correspond to it. You’ll be able to stay focused on the UPSC curriculum in this manner.

Significance of Selecting best books for UPSC Exams

Books for UPSC: The finest IAS books differ from one candidate to the next, depending on their past experience and knowledge of the subject. Expert-recommended UPSC books, on the other hand, are listed in this article by subject.

It is critical to select the appropriate IAS test books online for the various stages of the UPSC exam. Only objective type questions are asked in the UPSC Prelims, however descriptive essay type questions are asked in the IAS Mains.

Candidates should not only choose UPSC preparation books carefully, but also divide their reading list into Prelims and Mains preparation.

In order to succeed in the coveted UPSC Civil Services examination, it is critical that the candidate gets access to the most up-to-date curriculum and prepares for the exam using the best study material.

As a result, in order to succeed in the UPSC Civil Services test, one must read relevant books and materials.

FAQs: Books for UPSC

Question 1. Which subject is best for IAS?

Answer: If you wish to begin preparing for the IAS, or UPSC civil services examination, you can do it through self-study or through classroom training. You can prepare for the civil services test at home with the assistance of online coaching and books.\

Questions 2. Which book is best for preparing for UPSC?

Answer: Apart from NCERT materials, at least 15 standard textbooks are now available that would help IAS candidates pass the exam. Some of them are : Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations by M. Laxmikanth (Polity),  Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania (Culture),Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong. (Geography), Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (Economy) and  A Brief History of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir (Modern India).

Questions 3. How many books UPSC read?

Answer: Besides from NCERT books, there are currently at least 15 standard textbooks that will be incredibly helpful for IAS applicants to pass the exam. Someone can read 50 pages a day, while another can read 100 pages, but if you are preparing for the first time, you should aim to read more than 50 pages, if not 100. If you are interested in the subject, it is possible that it will be longer than 100 pages.

Question 4. How many Ncerts are there in UPSC?

Answer: Many questions in the IAS/IPS Exam will be derived directly or indirectly from NCERT Textbooks. If candidates have the time, it is always recommended that they begin with standard 6 NCERT texts and work their way up to standard 12 texts for all essential courses. The NCERT books for classes 11 and 12 are insufficient for achieving a higher rank in UPSC. You must thoroughly study every subject NCERT books from class 6 to 12. For the UPSC civil services test, these are regarded as sacred literature.

Question 5. What is the cost of UPSC books?

Answer: Whether an applicant selects the offline or online method, there are certain books that candidates must read for CSE preparation. NCERT textbooks and subject reference books are examples of such books.

These could cost between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000 or more (as per requirement). However, soft versions of NCERT books and other reference books can be found online at low or no cost.

Question 6. Which medium is best for UPSC?

Answer: English is the most commonly used language among UPSC hopefuls for both written exams and personality tests. Aspirants may have taken the UPSC exam in English, but if you feel more comfortable speaking Hindi, Tamil, or another regional language that is your home tongue, you can do so. In truth, there are many intelligent people in India who are fluent in written English but struggle to converse in it.

Question 7. Which language is used in an IAS interview?

Answer: When confronting the UPSC panel, candidates can choose between English, Hindi, and any other regional language. Only candidates who have been exempted from taking the mandatory Indian language paper should attend the interview in either English or Hindi.

Question 8. Is NCERT enough for IAS prelims?

Answer: For the IAS exam, NCERT books are required. NCERTs will serve as the foundation for your preparation. NCERTs aren’t even enough to pass the preliminary exams. Since you are in class 9 and have at least 7 years before the UPSC exam, what you can do is keep track of the UPSC curriculum. Candidates should, however, read subject-specific publications (for example, Laxmikant’s Indian Polity) and stay up to date on current events. The NCERT books for classes 9th and 10th are also recommended but not required for IAS Prelims preparation (in case they have enough time).

Question 9. How many months’ current affairs should be covered for prelims UPSC 2022 Exams?

Answer: For prelims 2022, candidate can focus on the last 1 year current affairs. I.e. April 2021 to May 2022.

Questions 10. What educational qualification is the required for UPSC IAS exam?

Answer:  The candidate holding a degree from any of Universities in India can appear for UPSC IAS/IPS exams. Any degree (graduation) which may be regular or distant.

Question 11. If a candidate apply for the Civil Services Prelims Exam but do not appear in any paper will it be counted as an attempt?

Answer: If a candidate applies for the Civil Services Prelims Exam but do not appear in any paper an attempt will be counted only if you have appeared in at least one paper.

Question 12. Will there be minimum qualifying marks for UPSC Interview?

Answer: The interview will carry 275 marks (with no minimum qualifying marks).

Questions 13. Can a candidate who has completed his education from Foreign University for example Cambridge, Oxford etc.apply for Commissions Examination

Answer: No, there the degree must be approved with the UGC or the any other govt. organization that is mentioned in the notification.

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